6 Ways Sales Automation Software Can Save You Time and Money Today

6 Ways Sales Automation Software Can Save You Time and Money Today

In our fast-paced world, sales professionals everywhere are looking for ways to do more with less. There’s no shortage of work to go around when it comes to generating leads, forecasting, nurturing, and quoting. But what if we told you there was a way to automate a large portion of your everyday sales activities so you could be more productive and efficient—and focus more on building relationships and closing deals?

Sales automation software allows you to automate at least a third of your administrative tasks. It’s a game changer for sales teams looking for ways to increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge without investing in extra sales staff or resources. Yet, only one in four companies are currently taking advantage of this technology and automating at least one sales process.

What is Sales Automation Software?

Sales automation is the ability to take manual, time-consuming tasks and automate them using software, artificial intelligence, and other digital tools.

Sales automation software makes work easier by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus more on the activities that generate the most value.

Sales automation software makes work easier by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus more on the activities that generate the most value, like building relationships and closing deals. There are numerous reasons to invest in sales automation software.

Here are the top six benefits you can expect to see from day one:

1. Generate and Nurture Better Leads

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand in a successful organization. It’s this synchronization that allows for the best lead generation and nurturing. By marrying marketing and sales automation tools together, you can ensure you won’t lose any valuable sales prospect information along the way. Plus, lead contacts don’t have to repeat the information they’ve already shared. Sales reps see all the same information that marketing gathered, ensuring they don’t miss a detail.

By keeping all this crucial information together in one system, you can make the marketing-sales handoff seamless, focusing instead on how to create repeat business opportunities and drive greater revenue.

2. Increase Close Rates

Stop wasting time nurturing leads that aren’t likely to convert. Sales automation software can help you identify high-priority leads and make accurate predictions for better business decisions.

SugarPredict gives you next-step advice backed by real-time data to help you prioritize the most promising opportunities so you don’t waste time on empty deals. The tool’s ability to help you better manage risk, identify opportunities, and respond quicker can automatically accelerate your team’s productivity and conversion rates from day one.

3. Reduce Time to Sell

Currently, the average sales rep only spends about 54% of their time actually selling. Tasks like assembling NDAs, proposals, contracts, labels, and form letters can be time-consuming activities for sales professionals.

Tools like Doc Merge automate the process of creating beautiful, templated documents using data from one or more Sugar modules—without any code experience. Simply create the templates once and update them when you need to.

Action Buttons save you even more time by helping you perform recurring tasks with fewer clicks. Reduce your time selling by automating every email, new record creation, or modification.

4. Boost Revenue from Sales Employees

With a sales automation platform, you no longer have to spend time manually sifting through opportunities to figure out where they are in the sales process. Your personalized dashboard gives you visibility into where each deal is in the process, visually displaying your sales goals and important KPIs.

This insight helps you visualize your entire pipeline across all opportunities to identify how close they are to closing, enabling better forecasting and reporting to management. That means each rep has more time to interface with prospects, pitch products, and close deals, boosting individual and team revenue.

5. Increase Customer Retention

Ever wonder what your customers are thinking? Sentiment Analysis takes the guesswork out of the picture, flagging at-risk accounts without making you sift through individual emails and interactions.

sentiment analysis automatically interprets text and spoken words from your calls, emails, and chats to determine if your prospects are gaining interest or not.

Automatically interpret text and spoken words from your calls, emails, and chats to determine if your prospects are gaining interest or not. You can set up business actions that relate to customer voice and text prompts, enabling your teams to respond automatically to certain customer tones and attitudes that you determine. This goes a long way to enhance the customer experience and ensure you never ignore a customer in need.

6. Achieve Competitive Advantage and Company Growth

You want a platform that can grow with you and adapt to your unique needs. Sugar Sell works hard, so you don’t have to. With the ability to integrate with your everyday tools, from email and calendars to online meetings and social media apps, you can ensure you’ll never miss another sales opportunity.

Through proactive alerts, root cause analysis, and more, Sugar Sell is constantly adjusting to your needs and making your life easier through data-driven analytics reports that help you determine what’s working and what isn’t. With a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects, you’ll easily identify what’s happening at every stage of the prospect and customer journey. This level of insight can give you the competitive advantage you need to outperform the competition.

Boost Productivity and Sales Automatically with Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell helps you avoid manually entering endless details thanks to our platform that automatically captures data and presents it in context to everyone who needs it. Sales reps can focus on the most promising prospects and customers and spend more time selling. Smart guides and playbooks help accelerate sales cycles and time to close while improving conversion rates.

At Sugar, we’ve helped thousands of companies across industries accelerate their sales cycle and increase their win rate. For example, Sugar was the CRM behind online retailer Crown & Caliber’s success by improving its lead pipeline funnel by 50% and closing acquisitions 27% faster with automation.

We are experts in automation, gurus at process management, and leaders in digital innovation. Connect with a Sugar representative today to learn how sales automation software can help you focus on the right leads and opportunities, better manage your pipeline and forecast, and engage with prospects anytime, anywhere.

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