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2024 Award Categories

(4 Regional Winners to Be Selected)

This award celebrates customers who have cultivated a lasting partnership with SugarCRM by achieving significant business impact using the platform and engaging with the Sugar ecosystem and SugarClub in the journey to reduce manual processes and make the hard things easier for their business and their customers.

Customers who have leaned into automation to mature their business processes and have measurable ROI to show for it, such as an increase in the volume of customer data, time saved, increase in revenue, etc. These customers show a strong commitment to Sugar and engage with resources like services, partnerships, or SugarClub to seek new ways to expand their use and continuously improve and innovate.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates the SugarCRM customer who has centralized their business on one platform to drive customer experience innovation and has a bold vision for the future of customer engagement.

SugarCRM customers who leverage two or more of the core products and/or utilize Sugar add-ons to centralize their business on one platform. By connecting their technology and processes across teams, they cultivate a customer-centric culture to craft a high-definition customer experience with proven impact, such as increased acquisition rate, retention rate, CSAT, business growth, efficiency, etc.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates the trusted advisor/advisee relationship between our Reseller/ISV partners and SugarCRM customers. Together, they join forces to drive innovation and ensure positive business outcomes. Whether it’s through consultation, implementation, or maximizing platform investments via app integrations, this collaboration showcases the epitome of partnership success.

A SugarCRM Reseller or ISV Partner, along with a customer, wherein the partner, whether offering consultancy, implementation services, or app integrations, acts as an advisor. The partner deeply comprehends the customer’s needs and business and collaboratively works to guarantee customer success with a significant business impact, such as optimized productivity rates, sales or service successes, time and budget savings, etc.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates a customer who has successfully implemented artificial-intelligence capabilities through SugarCRM to power exceptional business-critical predictions.

A customer that has successfully implemented Sugar Predict for a scenario in Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service to power exceptional business-critical predictions, such as predictable forecasting, AI-powered lead conversion, opportunity-close predictions, or sentiment analysis.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates the use of marketing automation to achieve significant business improvements or growth.

SugarCRM customers who leverage Sugar Market to support business goals with significant KPI improvements, such as an increase in MQLs, lead conversation rates, or productivity levels.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates the customer who sets the bar high for what is considered sales excellence, using sales automation to its fullest to achieve significant KPI improvements or growth for the business.

SugarCRM customers who leverage Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise, either on-premises or in the cloud, to automate sales processes, remove manual data entry and create reliable data to support unique business needs, and have achieved significant KPI improvements or growth, such as increased win rates, short sales cycles or productivity rates.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates the customer that consistently delivers exceptional customer support and has utilized the SugarCRM platform to achieve significant improvements in customer service.

SugarCRM customers who leverage Sugar’s customer service solution, Sugar Serve, for things like ticket management, omnichannel communications, automated routing, and dashboards to achieve significant KPI improvements in customer service, such as improved SLAs, CSAT, NPS scores, first call resolution scores, or retention rates.

(1 Global Winner to Be Selected)

This award celebrates a SugarCRM customer within the realms of manufacturing, wholesale, or distribution, who has demonstrated exceptional prowess in leveraging Sugar and seamlessly integrating it with core solutions. This exemplifies a commitment to excellence by triumphing over intricate supply chain challenges, orchestrating a seamless customer experience, and propelling business growth.

A customer that has successfully implemented SugarCRM and integrated it into core solutions to support business goals such as simplifying the supply chain management, managing dealer network, and closing gaps in sales coverage.

*This category is a special recognition limited to 2024. The recipient will be honored in the same manner as other award winners, though a tangible award will not accompany this recognition.

What Happens If I Win?

Winners will receive recognition as thought-leaders and experts in their field and have the opportunity to share their stories with analysts, peers, and the public. Winners will also receive a luxury award, an exclusive badge, invitations to participate in events, case studies, press releases, and major bragging rights.

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Award Timeline (2023-2024)

September 21 – Nominations Open
November 11 – Nominations Close
January 8 – Winners Announced 

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