Focus on the Future

Understanding your current state and how you got there is essential, but what if you had the ability to look into the future toward what your business could be? That dream is now a reality, regardless of your business size. Sugar’s AI can deliver exceptional predictions, even with limited or incomplete CRM data. It leverages vast external data to consider factors your data doesn’t cover and surface insights that you may not have known existed. These unparalleled predictions allow businesses to make confident decisions and focus on the highest priority activities across marketing, sales, customer service, and more.

It’s Time for AI

Sugar provides a complete historical record of every change event in the customer journey to ensure full situational and directional awareness of your customers and your business, but AI considers the other direction of time: The future. Accurate predictions enable companies to make better business decisions, manage risk, and identify and respond to problems and opportunities more quickly.

Gather Insight, Not Data

According to Dun & Bradstreet, 91% of CRM data is missing and 70% goes bad every year. Sugar’s AI technology leverages external data so its machine learning algorithms aren’t limited by the data you’re storing within your CRM. This means you don’t need to undergo a CRM cleanup project before seeing the value of AI, and it enables predictions that look well beyond the data you had the foresight to collect. Sugar’s AI provides answers to questions you didn’t know you should be asking.

Increase Performance with AI-Powered Predictability

Most companies track performance metrics to measure how well they’re doing, however not many companies are directly focusing on strengthening predictability across all their processes, creating a performance ceiling. AI-powered predictive insights can help improve performance across marketing, sales, and service by enabling smarter targeting, helping Sales focus on high-probability deals, identifying accounts at-risk of churn, and more.

AI for All

Your business is only as efficient as the tools you adopt, and AI isn’t just for enterprise organizations. Sugar’s time-aware platform, data enrichment, and fully integrated deep learning features avoid the time, cost, and technical expertise typically required for AI. No matter the size, business maturity, or technical sophistication in your business, the benefits of AI are within reach with Sugar.

We have already helped customers leveraging AI achieve:

  • $4B+

    Pipeline Optimized

  • 80%

    Higher Conversion Rates

  • 52%

    Higher Retention Rates

  • 81%

    More Accurate Predictions

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