The people. The passion. The success.

At Sugar, we abide by the Sugar Code for Growth: Part manifesto, part who we are, and part who we want to be.

We are driven by a shared passion for our culture and desire to build a deep-rooted organization and brand built to fuel growth.

Sweeter outcomes await when we enable our business and our customers to grow.

Our Values

What We Believe In and Bet On

Stronger Together

We know our impact is always greater when we work and have fun as one team.

We unite to deliver results for our company and our customers.

We celebrate and respect diverse talent, perspectives, and experiences.

Drive for Results

We focus on and share positive outcomes.

We prioritize the right stuff.

We hold ourselves accountable for our choices, and their impact.

Just Fix It

We believe simplicity is a competitive advantage.

We are empowered to remove complexity and scrap the unproductive and unnecessary.

We are curious and ask ‘why?’

Embrace Change

We know that if we’re not evolving, and improving—we’re falling behind.

We challenge the status quo with open minds, focus, and resilience.

We value a learning mindset and turn a setback into an opportunity.

Believe in ‘Yes if’

We think solutions rather than roadblocks and obstacles.

We push ourselves to see the bigger picture.

We knock down barriers to ensure success for our company and our customers.