What are your biggest financial services challenges?

From banking to wealth management and capital markets to insurance, SugarCRM enables financial services firms to work cohesively across the front-office, middle-office, and back-office to develop deeper client relationships, maximize client value and deliver world-class customer service.

Financial Services Success

360° Customer View

Employees from any department can access all customer information using one system login, including transaction history, grievances, open cases, and more.

Customer Marketing

An integrated CRM and marketing automation solution can help you speak to customers with personalized messages based on life milestones, transaction history, and more.

Customer Onboarding

Using workflows and customer journey mapping tools, you can identify customer onboarding processes and automate them to improve employee efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Opportunity Prospecting

Quickly identify opportunities with intelligent sales systems that plan out employees’ days—reminding them to call customers with recently increased balances or upcoming life milestones.

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I need to deliver more personalized service

Less “Huh?” and More “Wow!”
Sugar gives your sales and service teams a complete view of your customers with a single marketing, sales and service solution that integrates with your other systems. Empower your teams to better understand and predict customer health through visibility into all customer activity and history. Deliver world-class customer service that keeps them coming back.

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I want to grow my share-of-wallet

Move From Selling to Solutions
Grow revenues by building greater efficiency in every stage of the client lifecycle and uncover opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell other financial products.

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Our onboarding process is too slow

Workflow For The Win
Streamline and automate multi-stakeholder processes, like onboarding, compliance, and KYC, with flexible workflows built to automate and simplify processes across front, middle and back-office.

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We need better team collaboration

You’ll Love Activity Streams
Increase internal collaboration between regions and lines of business to deepen you customer relationships, drive referrals, and provide a cohesive customer experience.

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Integrating with core systems is a challenge

Sugar Plays Nice (With Everyone)
Integrate Sugar with marketing automation, inbound marketing, relationship analytics, incentive management tools and more. Equip your sales teams with relevant financial information from your ERP and business intelligence applications. Easily store your customer emails, contacts, meetings into Sugar from your email client using out-of-the-box plug-ins. Develop custom plug-ins to integrate with a wide variety of back-office and front-office business applications.

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I need to remain compliant with regulation

Data Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word
Choose from a wide variety of deployment options to suit your organizational and regulatory requirements for data residency. Implement a security model in accordance with data sharing and data visibility requirements.

Sugar also uncovers areas with potential “like coverage gaps” where partners, subject matter experts and sales teams can collaborate and work as a joint deal-team and contribute effectively to every sales pursuit with their knowledge, expertise and client relationships.

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