Revolutionize Your Client Relationships

Financial service firms lean on Sugar to unite their front, middle, and back offices. Regardless of whether you’re in the banking, investing, or insurance sector, you can focus on developing deeper client relationships, maximizing client value, and delivering the best customer service with Sugar’s CRM tools. CRM for financial advisors helps streamline client management and enables personalized financial planning services. With its specialized features and functionalities, financial CRM gives organizations the ability to build long-lasting relationships with their clients by consolidating customer information and facilitating seamless communication. A financial services CRM empowers banks and financial advisors alike to deliver exceptional services and build long-lasting relationships with their clients.

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Unify the Customer View

Give financial service professionals access to all customer information—including transaction histories, grievances, open cases, and more—with a single system login.

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Market More Effectively

Resonate with customers thanks to personalized messages based on life milestones, transaction histories, and more.

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All Aboard

Identify and automate customer onboarding processes to improve employee efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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Personalize Prospecting

Quickly identify opportunities with intelligent sales systems that plan out employees’ days—reminding them to call customers with recently increased balances or upcoming life milestones.

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It Pays to Personalize

Empower your teams to better understand and predict customer health with a clearer view into customer activity and history, plus information through third-party sources directly in your financial CRM. Leverage this intel to connect with clients in a meaningful way, and see the impact on your bottom line.

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Predict the Future

Turn your estimates into accurate predictions across the client lifecycle. Lean on AI to uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities—and ultimately boost your revenue.

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Switch to Autopilot

Streamline multi-stakeholder processes, like onboarding, compliance, and KYC, with flexible workflows built to automate and simplify processes across front, middle and back-office.

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Never Miss a Thing

Increase internal collaboration across regions and lines of business to deepen customer relationships, drive referrals, and provide a cohesive customer experience.

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More Collaboration, Less Confusion

Integrate Sugar seamlessly to give your financial service teams the connections they need to ERPs, business intelligence apps, email clients and more—all out of the box and in short order.

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Compliance Without Question

Forget compromising on data compliance. Configure your CRM software according to your organizational and regulatory requirements for data residency—and with the right security model for your data sharing and visibility requirements.

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Implementing Sugar has allowed the sales and marketing teams to gain a full overview of existing clients, as all information is now being shared across the bank, meaning relationships have strengthened and the bank now has higher customer retention. Ultimately, the main return on investment has been the ability to make client data an asset to the business.

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