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Sugar is a complete customer relationship management platform that collects every bit of critical information across sales, service and marketing. It easily integrates with any application and gives financial advisors a personalized user experience that works seamlessly on the devices they use every day. Users don’t need to rely on a siloed wealth management software or banking tool to give them the customer information they need. A CRM solution ensures that all parties involved, advisors and client servicing team members alike, have access to the same vital information, such as a client’s financial accounts, monetary goals, and any previous interactions.

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Understand Customers

Understand your customers’ activity histories across their extended customer community so you’re never second-guessing. 

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Target Precisely

Present new products available based on a customer’s product profile in real-time, with intuitive tools that bring customer data into reach.

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Issue and Track Referrals

Allow users within the bank to issue and track referrals easily between business units—increasing communication between departments by over 20%. 

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Find Your Core

Be more customer-focused and profitable when you integrate Sugar into core functions like deposits/transactions, analytics, marketing automation, and more.

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Get Answers Without Searching

CRM for financial advisors and bankers give users a better understanding of customers, their financial needs and goals, and their households—without making them do extra work. We believe no one should have to do what a CRM software can do for them.
Build trust, deliver a personalized customer experience, and provide the right advice at the right time by allowing teams to focus on understanding client relationships and next steps. With automation for tedious tasks, everyone has time to focus on high-value things that a platform can’t do.

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Make the Right Calls

When wealth management software is intentionally built into the infrastructure of a CRM platform it can create a high-touch, high-reward experience for customers due to its ability to produce client data from multiple sources. This results in companies having a full 360-degree view of their clients.
Let financial advisors spend more time selling and servicing customers and less time with busy work. That’s easy when you streamline and automate processes like KYC, AML, and onboarding, and leverage Sugar’s CRM software integration capabilities to seamlessly connect with applications like portfolio management and financial planning.

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Sugar has become the interface for users to enter communication details, thus ensuring a uniform experience for customers across all communication channels.

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