Sentiment Analysis—The Future of Customer Service

For the last decade, surveys have been one of the essential tools to measure customer satisfaction. But times are changing, people get busier, and they are less inclined to spend their time filling in surveys. Even if they do, the survey isn’t always relevant since you can’t evaluate customer satisfaction only from closed-ended questions and at a given time—usually after completing an action. Plus, you have no information about the prospects who weren’t interested in taking your survey.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every CRM provider, and we constantly look for new opportunities to achieve it. Our society experiences an empathy deficit due to cultural and environmental factors, so introducing sentiment analysis software to register positive and negative feelings might be the new challenge.

Sentiment Analysis and the Sugar Platform

Understanding the current state of your business and the health of your pipeline is essential, but what if you could see the future and predict what your business could be?

Your next best actions are easier to identify with sentiment analysis by accessing customer information across all touchpoints and channels.

Using the SugarPredict AI Engine, we enhanced the Sugar platform to enable marketing, sales, and service teams to learn and adapt more quickly to customer needs. Sentiment analysis interprets text and spoken words from all customer conversations within calls, emails, and chats to determine if your clients are happy or frustrated with your services.

Merging customer voice and text with business actions, enabling your teams to account for customers’ emotional tone and attitude is a context indispensable to support exceptional experiences. A tool that determines your prospects’ emotional state and intent increases predictability and accelerates deal velocity through the pipeline. It creates an environment that gives management more opportunities for improvement as they identify customer experience gaps easier.

Where Are We Heading?

Human-like AI is far from being entirely relied on, but this technology is now successfully used in applications such as face recognition.

Merging customer voice and text with business actions, enabling your teams to account for customers’ emotional tone and attitude

The future of sentiment analysis is encouraging. As the technology improves, it will perceive customers’ tones, facial expressions, word emphasis, and attitudes and enable you to improve interactions with customers and prospects.

Closing Thoughts

To provide a comprehensive and holistic picture of the customer journey, we want to make Sentiment Analysis a widely used and affordable tool. We have embedded it in SugarCRM’s omnichannel customer communications tool SugarLive, allowing sales and service users to efficiently capture intent insights from multiple channels and deliver better customer experiences.

If you are interested in how your teams can handle your customers’ needs more effectively, close more deals, or solve cases better, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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