What are your biggest business challenges?

With market growth and disruptive competition, business services firms face commoditization and downward pressure on fees. Differentiation is a major challenge with the risk of blending in rather than standing out. Sugar delivers a complete CRM solution that helps every client-facing employee with information and tools to deliver a great client experience every single time.

Business Services Success

Sell Faster

With automated workflows and document automation, your team can spend less time on data entry and more time selling.

Generate Leads

Marketing technology can help you discover new audiences, target the right customer, and tailor your messaging to increase conversions.

Provide Support

Make sure no request goes unanswered. As communications experts, we can help you keep track of any support request—anywhere, on any device.


Need to add more licenses or services? We offer flexible business solutions that can grow based on your company’s needs.

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We keep getting priced out of deals

You Don’t Need To Shell Out To Stand Out
Sugar’s “better business relationships” approach helps you build a strong brand and a unique selling proposition based upon exceptional client service. This establishes the value and uniqueness of your firm in a meaningful and credible way that clients, prospects, and staff value. This winning combination allows you to secure more business and grow your existing clients without having to compete solely on price.


No one likes using our current CRM

They’re Gonna Love Sugar
At SugarCRM, we believe that a successful CRM roll-out starts with an awesome user experience. Sugar’s award-winning and modern user-interface provides every employee with the right information, at the right time, before they even ask. SugarUX is a simple, engaging, and consistent experience that’s tailored to every user’s unique needs and ways of working across any device. This helps drive adoption, increases productivity, fosters collaboration, and enables better decision making.

Built-in tools like collaboration, Dashlets, duplicate checks and an integrated contact data service eliminate the burden of tedious data entry and time-consuming updates, so every employee can focus more time on delighting customers.

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I don’t have a single global view of my clients

A True Plug and Play Platform
With Sugar, business services firms can deepen their customer relationships and drive revenues by leveraging a global enterprise-wide view of the customer. Sugar’s easy-to-integrate platform allows integration with middle-office and back-office systems like resource management, project management, ERP and billing management to create a centralized repository of all key information on the customer. Critical information and insights for each client are available to you in one single place with no need to switch to different systems.

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I want to grow and retain my clients

Stop Reacting and Start Predicting
Powered by a 360 view of every client, you can stay on top of their needs, issues and projects in delivery. With Sugar, you can proactively provide the best client-care and prevent escalations by monitoring and tracking the status of your projects.

Partners, service specialists, subject matter experts and sales teams can collaborate and share information across regions and service lines to identify new business opportunities at existing clients. With Sugar Marketing, you can plan and execute strategic marketing campaigns, targeted and personalized to position the right service offerings to your existing client base.


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I want to better leverage our existing relationships

Eliminate Those Awkward Introductions
With Sugar’s Relationship Analytics solutions, firms can tap into their organization’s collective relationship network. All frontline employees can easily find and leverage relationships between other employees in the organization and contacts at the customer.

By accurately identifying the people within your organization who already have a strong relationship with your clients and prospects, you can harness these relationships to get warm introductions, deeper engagement and uncover new business opportunities.

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We need to shorten our sales cycles

Better Understand Your Buyer’s Journey
With Sugar, you can streamline your company’s operations across sales, service, marketing and delivery in order to drive shorter sales cycles, reduce cost of sales and increase profits. Using Sugar, you can define and automate internal processes for opportunity and bid-management and with best-practices aligned which are aligned to your client’s buying journey.

Sugar also uncovers areas with potential “like coverage gaps” where partners, subject matter experts and sales teams can collaborate and work as a joint deal-team and contribute effectively to every sales pursuit with their knowledge, expertise and client relationships.

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