Sugar is a complete CRM platform that collects every bit of critical information across sales, service and marketing. It easily integrates with any application. And Sugar gives you a personalized user experience that works seamlessly on the devices you use every day.

Insurance Success

Member Management

Don’t keep your information spread across hundreds of spreadsheets. Our CRM tools can provide users with one place to access information.

Transaction Tracking

Never miss an invoice or wonder if payments went through. We can integrate accounting software with core tools so you can track your transactions at every stage.

Enhanced Productivity

With automated processes to shorten your sales cycle and complex reporting to measure performance, you can rest assured your reps will focus on what’s important.


Take your office with you, wherever you are! With our sales and marketing tools, your reps can reach customers on any device from anywhere.

Laptop screenshot of business hierarchy dashboard in software


It is easier to retain customers than to find and win over new ones. SugarCRM offers highly innovative and flexible tools that enable insurance companies to form a rational and emotional connection with their customers. With Sugar, Insurance companies can turn customer data into deep customer relationships and open up new sales opportunities for now and the future.

Sugar’s SugarBPM™ facilitates the automation of lengthy sales process including initial consultation, follow-up consultation, offers and modification process and provides digital support with an automated reminder system. This makes the sales process extremely efficient, and transparent reducing errors and duplicate data entry.

A 360 view of every customer and Sugar’s powerful sales capabilities (including mobile apps), empowers consultants to access the customer history, model calculations, prior contracts, terms, policies sold, outstanding payments, customer claims, credit scores, etc. before and during customer meetings, turning every meeting into more productive and meaningful. With its rich set of customer service capabilities, Sugar helps streamline customer service with easy access to consolidated customer data and customer service tools. While SugarBPM™ and collaboration tools automate cross-department collaboration and follow-up, helping deliver proactive, omni-channel and superior customer service. Sugar provides the ability to integrate brokerage firms into the CRM system making cooperation even more efficient. Brokers gain role-based access to processed customer cases (including policies, premiums, invoices, damage reports) which provides them with a 360-degree view of their customers.

Sugar’s integration platform facilitates seamless integration with internal insurance accounting systems, contract and damage overviews and customized software for agencies to manage customers.

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