Increase visibility and predictability into your overall business performance.

Sugar’s accurate sales forecasting software is designed for the individual user as much as for the decision maker. Get comprehensive and detailed view of your current sales pipeline, make data-driven decisions, and optimize any sales process. Easily view sales quotas at the individual, team, and sales organization level.

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Use Sugar’s sales forecasting software to model best case, likely, and worst cases scenarios. Users can see in real-time how they are performing against their quotas and adapt quickly.

Get real-time visibility and track your top performers. Sales managers can use Sugar’s drill down capabilities to track and guide their sales reps. Easily track team progress from a single CRM forecast worksheet and assign quotas easily. Use what-if scenarios and build better predictability.

Sugar’s accurate sales forecasts incorporate revenue line item records to build forecasting worksheets and predict future sales. With Sugar Enterprise, you can drill down to the revenue line item level, across single or multiple time periods.

Track even your most complex sales starategies with Sugar Forecasts. Customize our sales forecasting software to track and build relationships with customers who buy a variety of products or services in recurring, extended, or staggered purchase cycles.

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