Live from SugarConnection: CX Advantages Every Company Should Know About

Live from SugarConnection: CX Advantages Every Company Should Know About

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been asked to reimagine a technology solution—not just for enhancements and updates, but to usher an entire platform into the emerging domain of customer experience (CX).

Would you take it on?

Craig Charlton did, and SugarConnection Boston attendees just found out why.

“We don’t just help with the questions you need answers to,” he told SugarCRM customers in his kickoff keynote. “We’re answering the questions you haven’t yet thought to ask—but should have.”

When Craig first hinted at his vision for the future of SugarCRM, little did we know just how deeply it would resonate. Fast forward seven months, and he’s presenting to a sold-out audience of Sugar customers who arrived early this morning for an inside look at the “New Sugar”—our expanding portfolio of products designed to help companies cultivate customers for life. 

If you weren’t able to join us for today’s deep-dive, take heart: We’ve captured several of the biggest takeaways from this morning’s presentations.

Exciting new products are on the way…

While we can’t give away all of our secrets just yet, we can tell you that Sugar is just getting started with its ever-growing array of tools to help transform the way companies interact with customers.

As Craig puts it: “We’re leapfrogging our way ahead of other solutions in the market.”

For example, you may have heard about our acquisition of Salesfusion (now Sugar Market). But did you know that Sugar evaluated multiple marketing automation platforms before landing on the one that best fits our vision for the future of CX?

That same level of deliberation went into decisions behind two more just-announced product launches: Sugar Discover and Sugar Connect.

These and other changes are all a part of our bigger push to make sure marketing, sales and support professionals have everything they need to create truly amazing customer experiences

…and will continue to build on Sugar’s three pillars

This is our second SugarConnection event of 2019, and between San Francisco and Boston we’ve met a lot of amazing Sugar customers. While some have been users for years, many have recently moved over from other solutions.

The reason? They find Sugar easy, intuitive and more likely to be adopted by frontline employees.

And that comes down to the second part of Craig’s presentation—the three pillars that really, truly make Sugar different: no-touch information management, an intelligent customer experience platform and continuous cloud innovation.

“Well over two years ago, we had the vision that having an intelligent customer experience platform would be the holy grail of CX,” Craig explained from the stage. “And with no-touch information management, mission-critical conclusions are drawn for you.” 

Since it’s all built on the most advanced commercial cloud technology available today, the “sky’s the limit” for where Sugar can go next. In the words of Chris Pennington, chief customer officer: 

“We’re being driven every day to innovate and change, and to help keep you competitive.”

These are far from the only takeaways from this morning’s session, but they’re definitely some of the most important. We’ll have more updates as the event progresses, so be sure to stay tuned. And if you haven’t already, follow the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Heather Mueller
Heather Mueller Heather Mueller is a master storyteller and content creator helping companies cultivate customers for life—one blog article at a time.

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