The Scoop: SugarPredict for Market [Bonus Edition]

A Special Bonus Edition of The Scoop: SugarPredict for Market

Welcome to a very special bonus release of The Scoop by SugarCRM! We’re absolutely excited to share with you the amazing happenings at Sugar and we just could not wait another quarter. In this Scoop, we’ve got something really big for the industry—smarter marketing automation.

Marketing automation is highly important to marketers everywhere and we are reimagining how we approach it. We’ve launched SugarPredict for Sugar Market allowing marketers that use Sugar to revolutionize the way that they score leads and a new step toward how marketing automation should work. Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to Market, allows you to adjust and focus activities based on the best leads with the right messages and prioritize the most likely to convert leads. Not only does this allow marketers to convert more but frees them up to let the platform do the work and unleash their creative capability in additional campaigns.

SugarPredict in Sugar Market is something that the industry has never seen before but it gets even better. When combined with SugarPredict in Sugar Sell, these predictive capabilities unlock a highly successful partnership between sales and marketing. Though they can work independently, utilizing SugarPredict in both Sell and Market opens capabilities that truly provide the value organizations have craved from CRM and marketing automation. Marketing and sales leaders can come together to make decisions based on data—optimizing their lead to opportunity pipeline.

Listen to the rest of The Scoop video for Clare Dorrian’s insight on why this is so revolutionary to marketers and where things are going in the future and learn more here.

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