How to Grow Your Revenue with CRM Reports & Dashboards

How to Grow Your Revenue with CRM Reports & Dashboards

Are you looking to drive better sales and more revenue without investing in more tools? Why not leverage your existing CRM data? Through your CRM dashboards, analytics, and reporting capabilities, you can easily uncover previously hidden opportunities and achieve organizational goals.

In this webinar with Avi Bar, National Sales Manager at American Specialties, Christian Wettre, SVP & General Manager, Platform at SugarCRM, and Ellen True, Senior Director, Product Management at SugarCRM for an insightful discussion on how to get more value from your existing CRM information by leveraging Sugar’s dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Below are the first 2 minutes of the webinar. If you would like to see the full video recording, you may access it here.

What are Dashboards?

A CRM dashboard is a collection of reports consolidated for easy consumption. Dashboards can be leveraged to make your reporting data easily accessible, align your goals, easily find actionable information, stimulate healthy competition, and much more.

See below examples of marketing, sales, and service dashboards within Sugar to promote revenue growth.

Marketing Dashboard

SugarCRM dashboard with charts displaying relevant data for marketers.

Use cases:

  • Identify lead sources
  • See which campaigns and channels are your best performing
  • Find out how your channels and campaigns drive sales opportunities.

Sales Dashboard

SugarCRM dashboards displaying revelant data for sales reps in easy to follow charts.

Use cases:

  • See how your reps perform
  • Identify bookings by product and region

Service Dashboard

Service dashboard in SugarCRM to uncover customer service insights with visual charts.

Use cases:

  • Identify which of your products and/or services drive customer service engagement
  • Issue resolution time versus customer satisfaction
  • The most common issues your customers are contacting support for

Learn More About American Specialties

American Specialties is a washroom accessories manufacturer and distributor with worldwide sales and complex sales channels. The company has an inside sales team but also works with manufacturers’ representatives throughout the world.

By working with Sugar, American Specialties have implemented the Sugar CRM platform, and drove adoption among 125 sales users. Currently, American Specialties leverage dashboards to merge CRM data from Sugar and ERP data from Epicor into a single source of truth.

If you would like to learn more about Sugar’s reporting and dashboards capabilities, we highly recommend these resources:

  • The CRM Adoption Playbook – Find out how to combine modern CRM and effective adoption strategies to guide your users to effective embrace change.
  • Sugar Sell Demo – Watch the video and see how with Sugar Sell, you can improve productivity, give your sales team their time back to do what they do best, and create customer relationships that are long-lasting.
  • Fuel Growth for Sales – In this guide, Brian Burns, sales author and consultant, outlines five steps sales organizations can follow and implement to fuel growth and see results.
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