Nine Key Features of a Winning Mobile CRM App

Nine Key Features of a Winning Mobile CRM App

CRM is the one of the most prominent assets for a business. It streamlines operations and reduces human errors with its systematic approach. But with the desktop version, you can only use it in the office. Because nearly every aspect of the product has been digitized, employees are no longer tied to their desks; especially sales, marketing, and customer support teams. They are always on the go with meetings, client visits, product demos, etc. And they will need to access certain information from your CRM while working on the field.

That’s where Mobile CRM comes to the rescue. According to statistics, global internet traffic coming from mobile devices grew from 0.7% in 2009 to 52.99% in 2017. Hence, having a Mobile CRM allows your road warriors to work anywhere because of easy access to data. And of course, their clients also expect real-time information for quicker decisions.

If you are also considering such a solution to increase the efficiency of your team, make sure it has these features:

  1. A Native App with Necessary Features

A recreated version of Desktop CRM functioning in a mobile device might make your business suffer a lot. An ideal CRM phone app could help you capitalize on the strengths such as features offered by TapCRM. Simple things like push notifications, voice notes, and a mobile-optimized interface will make work that much easier.

  1. Import Call and SMS Records, Contacts, and Call Log

One of the most tedious tasks related to CRM is data entry. Your team members will not want to transfer their daily call logs, records, etc. from the desktop to a mobile version manually. Being able to import call logs, SMS records, contacts, and other data from their mobile to CRM saves major of time. It is effective for maintaining the quality of data as well.

  1. Offline Access, Online Data Sync

Working in the field means sometimes working from areas with no internet. So, if any of your employees want the access to CRM records it might be a problematic scenario. The offline access feature is a boon as they can access and make changes to CRM while offline. As soon as they come online, these offline changes get synced with the CRM.

  1. Access to Maps with Route Planning

This feature enables your employees to set their route between client locations and get real-time traffic alerts, gas stations, meeting points updates, etc. It can save a lot of their time and help them to manage their schedules according to real-time conditions.

  1. Live Tracking and Check In / Check Out

One of the most important features for sales managers is to be able to track where sales reps are at any given time. Managers can also get an update of their meetings as they can check in and check out of meetings, tasks, and appointments. It helps you monitor the total time spent for a meeting, task or appointment with necessary details.

  1. Business Card Scans to Add New Contacts Directly

During meetings, seminars, and conferences, your employees meet new prospects. While networking during these events, they can use the business cards scanner to scan them into the CRM app. The information directly gets added as a new contact into your CRM system, saving time and effort.

  1. Electronic Signature

When your employees need special additional signatures of other members while closing the deal, the electronic signature feature can save the day. With the help of it, they can close the deals easily as they will have the required signatures available in the CRM app itself.

  1. Interactive Dashboards

With so many tasks running in the background, dashboards provide you with a quick glance of all your important tasks. They give you an overview of what is currently going on and help to prioritize tasks accordingly.

  1. Support for Custom Modules

We make frequent changes to CRM fields and modules to make the most out of it. And it is important to have those updated fields and modules working in your Mobile CRM system as well. Hence, you can utilize your CRM data at its full potential.

Does your Mobile CRM App have these Features?

When opting for a solution with a vision to make your business better, it is important to choose a CRM platform which supports the above operations. You’ll be glad you did!


Maulik Shah, AppJetty
Maulik Shah, AppJetty

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