Get More out of CRM With Business Intelligence

Your CRM can be a treasure trove of business data to help you close out more deals and keep your customers engaged.

Unfortunately, this data isn’t nicely wrapped with a bow and ready for you to view—you have to do some digging to find more specific data. If you’ve gathered tens of thousands of records (or even more) throughout your CRM’s lifetime, that can be quite a task!

Instead of grabbing a magnifying glass, why not use a powerful tool to start extracting the right information you need? In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how Business Intelligence (BI) tools can bring out the best data your CRM has to offer.

Business Intelligence solutions enable you to measure data against key performance indicators. The results are visualized in easy to read charts, maps, reports, and more. And that makes it easy for anyone to take a quick look and figure out what you’re doing right and what you need to improve. Let’s be honest, you and your team don’t have the time or patience to extrapolate, merge, and compare datasets.

One of those tools is Sugar Discover. And here are three reasons why we love Sugar Discover as our go-to BI tool.

Sugar Discover is a cloud-based customer analytics tool that integrates perfectly with Sugar. Unlike other analytics systems, it offers dynamic updates on some of the most relevant KPIs of your business, deep insights into your company’s sales performance, and automated analytics capabilities. The tool allows you to keep an eye on all of your performance metrics and lets you make data-driven business decisions.

Sugar Discover comes with a series of features that make all the above possible, in an easy-to-use, intuitive, but reliable and relevant way.

Sugar Discover features screenshot

Easy to Use, Even Easier to Set Up

Sugar Discover is built with the user in mind and features an extremely intuitive interface. The Business Intelligence (BI) solution is not fussy at all when it comes to deployment demands. You have to be a Sugar Sell, Enterprise, or Professional customer and run a SugarCloud-hosted instance to make the most of it.

Sugar Discover doesn’t require you to have a tech background or SQL knowledge – any Sugar user can easily get accustomed to the BI tool. It’s easy to set everything up and running, and it’s even easier to use it!

Sugar Discover features an intuitive interface.

It’s Packed with Smart Features

Most out-of-the-box BI tools today are hard to use and don’t match each client’s needs and expectations. But Sugar Discover is flexible and fits all users’ business goals like a glove. Here’s what makes it so great at what it does.

Quick Insights Into Sales Performance

Sugar Discover features various key metrics and analytics you can use in your assessments. Everything is built to help users grow their sales performance. With a complete view of your sales metrics – such as overall conversion rates, pipeline generation, and sales velocity and bottlenecks – you can change and adapt your sales strategy based on facts.

Sugar Discover screenshot

Automated Predictive Analytics Tool

Sugar Discover is designed as a dynamic analytics system. It keeps track of your most relevant sales metrics 24/7 and sends automated alerts when performance indicators deviate from predetermined targets or break from historical patterns.

Sugar Discover Idle Opportunities image

Get to the Root of Your Sales Drawbacks in Seconds

Discovery Insights is at the core of Sugar Discover. Use the metrics to get more context of what is holding your company back. Get a quick look at facts and data, and learn what’s behind those sales bottlenecks. The insights you get are also dynamic, so they will change as you navigate through different sets of metrics and indicators, or as you apply different filters.

Sugar Discover Insights graph image

Get a Detailed Look at Your Company’s Historical Performance Trends

If you are a little intimidated by numbers and percentages, Sugar Discover has your back. Discover’s easy-to-customize charts are here to help you get a better visual representation of your performance metrics, without dealing with numbers exclusively. You can easily compare past and current performances, execute cohort analysis, and other assessments that may offer a clearer view of your business performance.

Historical Performance Trends graph image

It Can Do So Much for Your Business

All these smart features will help your business in different ways. If you still can’t visualize how Sugar Discover will increase your profitability, here are some key benefits of Sugar’s newest addition.

Sugar Discover record count screenshot

  • Sugar Discover helps you predict your company’s revenue with more precision.
  • You can identify and solve sales pain points faster.
  • Now you can quickly identify sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Data-driven decisions will increase your company’s profitability.
  • Take your business up a notch and make it faster.
  • Save money and your sales department’s time, and let them focus on the customer and high-value tasks entirely.

With Sugar Discover, your CRM can be a powerhouse of relevant and easily readable information. If you’re interested in setting up BI for your CRM, contact us today.

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