Unleash the potential of Generative AI to automate, accelerate, and optimize marketing, sales, and customer service.

SugarCRM Generative AI capabilities are powerful, pragmatic, easy-to-use, and focused on getting work done faster and smarter. SugarCRM Generative AI is currently available to customers participating in a Closed Pilot program.


Personalized Sales and Marketing Content


Answers and Recommendations


Customer Data and Intel


Ad-hoc Reports and Workflows

Sales AI

Supercharge Sales Productivity

Revolutionize sales with Sugar Sell, boosting team productivity and making each interaction count.

  • Build Captivating Emails & Sales Copy
    Utilize Generative AI for personalized, captivating emails and copy that engage customers and prospects.
  • Access Ready-Made Call Scripts
    Access insights and summaries for unified success. Tailored scripts boost rep confidence, enabling impactful conversations and deal closures.
  • Generate Personalized Proposals
    Create data-driven, persuasive sales proposals using real-time customer intelligence, eliminating guesswork.
Marketing AI

Energize Your Marketing Teams

Boost marketing efficiency and campaign effectiveness with Sugar Market’s advanced automation. Say goodbye to endless email creation struggles.

  • Enhanced Personalization
    Utilize Generative AI for impactful campaigns, blogs, and emails that connect with customers effortlessly.
  • Automatic Translation
    Quickly generate new content in multiple languages and translate existing text using Generative AI.
  • Smarter Segmentation
    Create precise segmentation lists for targeted campaigns, removing friction and boosting engagement.
Customer Service AI

Transform Customer Service

Discover how Sugar Serve revolutionizes your customer service experience with advanced generative AI tools.

  • Find Answers & Solve Problems
    Quickly provide solutions when customers need help, resulting in faster resolutions and happier clients. Generative AI handles routine inquiries, freeing your support team for complex tasks.
  • Summarize Case Histories
    Generate customer history or service ticket summaries. These help agents understand context, allowing them to offer more personalized assistance.
  • Create User Guides
    Generate personalized guides for onboarding or assistance. Our generative AI crafts step-by-step guides tailored to each user’s needs.

Generative AI
for Sales Teams

Learn how SugarCRM’s generative AI capabilities can help sellers automate tasks, better prepare for meetings, and create sales copy that converts.

Generative AI for
Marketing Teams

Discover how Sugar Market’s Generative AI features can enhance marketing automation by reducing the time and effort required to produce engaging content.

Generate AI for
Customer Service Teams

Unlock the full potential of Sugar Serve generative AI capabilities. Learn to summarize case history, find answers quickly, and create Ad-Hoc reports.

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