Business Challenges

  • Document best practices
  • Uncovering incomplete data
  • Generation of insightful reports
  • Ensuring correct customer messaging in a timely fashion


  • Positioned Sugar as the “single source of truth”
  • Customized configurations for specific needs
  • Ability to easily add new integrations
  • Extraction of deeper insights for better customer experiences
  • Follow-up reminders to engage customers where appropriate
  • Fast entry of new customer information

Are you familiar with Terradatum? The real estate industry sure is. Companies throughout the US rely heavily on the data analytics provider to get the metrics and market analysis they need to be successful. Agents use Terradatum solutions to understand what the market is doing in a specific area, and to create more impactful marketing. Brokers rely on them to improve productivity and increase profits. Associations find the information so valuable, they position it as an incentive for membership: Join our Multiple Listing Service, agents are told, and you’ll get instant access to Terradatum reporting.

A lack of complete, clean data

It all started with the company’s customer experience (CX) platform, and how it was being used.

“Everyone was using SugarCRM,” says Client Services Manager Brant Myers. “Just not always in the way they should.” Although people were working within the system and using the data, there were no documented best practices, no clearly defined processes and some of the new data was inaccurate or incomplete.

As a result, it had become virtually impossible to generate insightful, usable reports. There was no guarantee that essential fields would be filled, and there were no efforts to backfill them.

Perhaps worst of all, there was no surefire way to prevent errant messages from going to the wrong customer at the wrong time.

In other words…

Terradatum needed clean customer data. It was time for a fresh start. Enter Sugar.

Industry Real Estate
Location Overland Park, KS, USA