Picture this … you’re a disruptive new online car sales platform specialising in used vehicles. You offer hand-picked cars, first-class customer service, and competitive pricing and finance options to consumers across the UK. Your business is transforming from a local dealership into a national retail platform, with a brand and sales process to match the ever-changing ways customers choose to shop for their new cars.

But, your sales team still relied on manually recording customer information and team activities. This was likely to hamper the business in the future, especially in the context of a revamped online platform. You need your sales and marketing systems to be linked and collaborative, with a single access point. You require a CRM system to serve as a single source of truth (SSOT), where everyone can find integrated, accurate, and updated data, in a unified business-wide system.

Enter SugarCRM and its implementation partner, Provident CRM. After researching the market and watching demos for several different CRM platforms, your management concluded that Sugar Sell and Sugar Market together met all its requirements, including the need for flexibility, collaboration, and customisation. By integrating the two solutions, and linking sales results back to marketing campaigns, your company now benefits from better decision-making and far more efficient use of time and resources. Not only has the new system saved your sales team time, it has also enabled them to deliver a better customer experience, with all a customer’s information and past conversations in one place. Since onboarding Sugar your database has grown by 22%.

Now, you put the customer front and centre of your business, having grown from a successful local dealership to a UK wide car sales platform. With you adding more elements to your SugarCRM solutions such as integrating data with major auto marketplaces and the website showroom and using previously untapped marketing data, you can now unify invoicing and build long lasting relationships through opt-in data. With your revamped site due to launch in the near future, SugarCRM’s implementation partner Provident with its expertise is also supporting your team fine tune and gain insight into how customers interact with their campaigns and track their results. The sky is now the limit as the partnership grows further.

Industry Automotive
Location Devon, UK
Sugar Partner

Provident CRM is an independent consultancy, and we work closely together with our clients to tailor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Marketing Automation (MA) integrations, and Business Process Management (BPM) to their specific needs. We are passionate about customer success, which drives our team of experts to deliver comprehensive training and continuous account management to maximise results and improve customer satisfaction.

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