Unify global sales processes; develop deeper customer profiles; and make email marketing into a customer retention tool.


Sugar Professional, with the Customer Journey Plug-In and integrations for marketing automation.


  • Increased sales and standardized sales process
  • Improved customer retention
  • Eliminated information silos

Sugar Customer Adds Customer Journey Plug-In

Maintaining company culture and creating a high-performance environment are among the challenges rapidly growing businesses face today.

Roxtec International grappled with those issues because its sales teams were spread throughout 21 locations, including the United States, China, Brazil, India, Japan and Germany.

Culture and team structure varied by region and often were dictated by country-specific needs, hampering global continuity for sales.

“We realized that our teams across the world were operating with different sales approaches, unclear stage definitions and lack of prioritized activities across each sales stage. A single sales activity could have different meanings from Sweden to China,” says Global CRM Manager Fredrik Hugosson

“We needed better transparency and an overview of progress throughout the entire sales cycle, and to establish a shared understanding and wording,” he says.

The main office and field sales teams are organizationally separate. Roxtec needed Sugar to supply the necessary transparency for optimal cooperation: contact status, ongoing activities and notes from conversations and meetings.

Roxtec has been using Sugar as its CRM for nearly a decade – and had seen excellent results in email marketing, customer retention and increasing the information exchange among sales teams. The Sugar platform was easily upgraded, and some simple, low-cost customizations were added here and there through the years.

But a lot has changed in the world of available data in 10 years, and Roxtec wanted better ways to standardize sales processes and take advantage of up-to-date data reporting technology. The simple solution was a bolt-on application called the Customer Journey Plug-In.

“With Customer Journey, we have found the missing piece of the puzzle. It helps us reach out globally and establish a united sales methodology based on a common understanding of sales stages and the related tasks that need to be completed to enhance progress,” says Fredrik. The automated process serves the customer and the seller.

Sellers have a window at every step, from evaluation to purchase to on-boarding. Each part of the process is assigned to the right employee so that everyone can view and take the next action.

Customers benefit from high-touch, well-informed contact during the decision-making process, more rapid on-boarding and a sense that their seller is a true partner in the transaction.

The Roxtec management team is especially pleased with the visually formatted data the Customer Journey Plug-In produces through the dynamic workflow panel.

“We have a complete overview of each sales stage — completed tasks and next step, which adds a strong visual element to the Sugar platform. High transparency and easy sharing of information eliminate silos of data and expertise, and help us manage key points of engagement and coordinate the actions of individuals,” Fredrik says.

Learn more about the Customer Journey Plug-In.

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