Industry Promotional Products
Location Philadelphia, PA

Pop! Promos creates fan gear and swag from scratch, Pantone matching the exact color needed for a product. The Pantone matching allows for all of their gear to be fully customizable, with countless options to choose from. Pop! Promos originally started with two entrepreneurs manufacturing custom sunglasses out of their apartment and has grown to its second office space with 25 employees, and a product line that goes well beyond sunglasses, earning themselves the title of the fastest growing company in Philadelphia.


Pop! Promos started in 2011 as two college students selling custom sunglasses out of their apartment. Their first weekend in business, they made $20,000 selling 2,000 pairs of sunglasses. After their first success, they began selling glasses to several different offices on college campus and continued to delve into creating other custom, promotional products from scratch. At the time, they were a two person company, using Mailchimp’s email marketing services as a main part of their marketing outreach strategy.

Fast forward five years, a new office in Philadelphia, 25 employees and one rapidly growing customer base later, Pop! Promos realized how time consuming email marketing alone was. Because they built most of their CRM to track customers and leads, the team needed a more efficient way to segment people into lists. How could they do this?


The team at Sugar Market was able to show Pop! Promos how marketing automation could drastically increase the efficiency of their current manual processes. “With our business growing at an accelerated pace, we knew we needed more than email marketing but we weren’t exactly sure what that ‘more’ was,” said Erin Reilly, Founder and CEO of Pop! Promos. “As our customer base started to split from true leads, customers, potential leads and more, we needed a tool to help us send targeted content to each segment. Without much marketing automation experience under our belts, we knew right away that Sugar Market was truly interested in helping us succeed with this new technology.”


With Sugar Market, Pop! Promos is now able to divide their customer segments based on where they fall in the sales funnel, as well as their customer profiles. From these lists, the marketing team sends out 100,000+ targeted emails per week. They are also taking advantage of Sugar Market’s powerful lead scoring module, creating marketing and sales specific lead scoring profiles and putting effective nurture programs in place for each lead. Finally, with A/B testing at the core of their business, Pop! Promos uses Sugar Market’s Advanced A/B testing on a grander scale with the majority of campaigns they send out, creating detailed weekly reports based on these results.

  • Divided customer segments based on where they fall in the sales funnel
  • Now able to send 100,000+ targeted emails per week
  • Created marketing and sales-specific lead scoring profiles and nurture campaigns
  • Used Advanced Analytics to empower a more data-driven marketing strategy