Picture this… you´ve got years of experience with the distribution of products for industrial automation and hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries, such as transport, robotics and pharmaceuticals.

But you intervene in long-term projects with cycles which usually last between 18 and 36 months (or more), meaning the customer’s journey requires close monitoring; the coordination of the commercial and technical teams is essential. So far you just relied on an ERP system to record customer information; the absence of a clear overview, a client-history or of ongoing actions prevented the synchronisation of different departments; some were clearly operating below potential.

So, you turn to SugarCRM to streamline internal processes and optimise the customer experience.

Now, you´ve got a highly adaptable platform that facilitates coordination between the different departments and helps to reduce response times. You are offering an improved customer experience, and doubled your conversion rate from leads to projects. Today your employees can spend more time with people, identify customer needs and explore new opportunities.

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