Picture this: you’re one of the best educational software providers in the US, backed by Carnegie Mellon University. You deliver exemplary products that enable educators to boost course completion rates. But you still have to find a Marketing solution to help you deliver engaging marketing campaigns.

You have a team of skilled Marketing Automation Software users who need more functionality to elevate customer touchpoints. You still need to catch the puzzle piece to help them deliver the landing pages and campaigns and build the brand identity they skillfully brainstorm.

But, you turn to Sugar Market, the all-in-one Marketing automation platform. It offers a tailored and personalized approach to Marketing that allows you to flawlessly implement all your marketing initiatives, from simple email campaigns to complex and intricate brand identity strategies.

Now, your team of marketing wizards has all the tools and means they need to implement strategies that keep your customers engaged throughout their journey, while at the same time attracting and enabling sales to quickly convert those leads into deals signed.

Industry Software
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania