From ‘Good’ to Great CRM

Nucleus Research found that companies investing in customer relationship management increased average returns by 1.5 times between 2011 and 2014, from $5.60 to $8.71 in returns per dollar spent, and that trend continues. In a 2017 survey by CITE Research, sales professionals said CRM was the most used and the most valuable tool in their technology arsenal./p>

Top-Line CRM Benefits | Benefits of CRM | SugarCRM

Top-Line CRM Benefits

Many businesses are finding it easier to draw a straight line between CRM use and revenue growth.

With more effective lead scoring tools and lead nurturing tools, a CRM can improve the quality of prospects that marketing passes to the sales team.

Automated workflows and built-in analytics provide precise insight and action prompts, helping to boost conversion rates by providing the right touch at the right time.

CRM can also improve repeat business and customer retention by providing sales, marketing, and customer service teams with a more comprehensive customer view that helps them create and execute an end-to-end engagement strategy.

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Bottom-Line CRM Benefits | Benefits of CRM | SugarCRM

Bottom-Line CRM Benefits

Advances in workflow automation and the ability to integrate multiple data sources have had a significant impact on CRM’s ability to improve collaboration and productivity – instead of inhibiting it, as past iterations were known for.

“A system that automates data collection and analysis allows you to spend less time doing things like data input, data upkeep, and searching for information,” says Leary.

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Maximize your productivity and improve sales processes with a sales CRM platform that promotes best practices. Prioritize your sales pipeline with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools.

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Provide exceptional service and support for rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration. Understand and meet current customer needs, whether from a help desk, a call center, or a social media community.

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Attract more potential customers and create more opportunities with less effort. Understand your customers like never before through more relevant, timely outreach and more actionable insights.

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Run CRM in the cloud or deploy or on-premise. Automate complex business processes. Rapidly develop and deliver a solution that is custom-built for your organization.

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