Paytime: Serving Customers With a Human Touch

Paytime: Serving Customers With a Human Touch

Paytime is a US-based company that has been providing Payroll, HR and Time & Labor Management solutions to businesses for over 30 years. J.D Mulliken, Chief Information Officer of Paytime, and his partner Chris Raffle, co-founder of Upsert, teamed up to revolutionize how their company manages customer interactions. Although the company mainly offers services and products to large enterprises, the focus falls on giving each interaction with customers and prospects a personal touch and a more humane face to the business.

With a brand philosophy that aims to provide exemplary customer service with each interaction, the two partners were eager to learn which technological solutions there were that could support this mission.

J.D. has over 18 years of experience in the technology sector, which led him to recognize the importance of implementing projects that align with business goals. Let’s see how Paytime was able to use Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell’s capabilities together to offer each customer a personal touch and elevate customer experience to new levels.

The Power of Sugar Serve

Sugar Serve is an integrated customer service solution offered by SugarCRM. It combines automation, case management, knowledge base tools, and reporting capabilities to create a comprehensive platform for delivering exceptional customer support. At Paytime, Sugar Serve perfectly matched their customer-focused approach.

Not only did the company successfully implement automated processes that eliminate manual tasks and interventions through Sugar Serve’s BPM, but Paytime also improved customer satisfaction.

Automation: The Backbone of Efficient Operations

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in the payroll industry, where every customer interaction is sensitive. By automating processes through Sugar Serve, Paytime ensures that customer inquiries are efficiently routed to the right team members. Depending on team availability and competency, Sugar Serve automatically identifies which agent will most likely have positive outcomes in each open case or service inquiry.

Sugar Automate helped Paytime automate more processes that enabled them to boost the levels of CX. Among these processes, they focused on tracking and automating customer onboarding. As a result, Sugar Serve helped the team at Paytime increase agent productivity and reduce overall service costs. Automation also played a vital role here, helping J.D. ensure a smooth transition from the sales stage to implementation.

Smart Case Management and SLAs

With a robust case management system and well-defined service level agreements (SLAs), Paytime effectively streamlined its service operations. To better manage cases and identify urgent situations, Paytime automatically assigns an urgency level to each new inquiry as soon as it reaches their service desks. This way, the company successfully ensures that urgent matters are addressed promptly while less critical issues are managed efficiently. This approach helps them oversee and manage high workloads and ensures that no urgent cases fall through the cracks, assisting the service team to excel in working based on a clear framework.

Again, Sugar Serve helped the organization ensure the perfect level of service, boosting CX and building a loyal customer base.

Synergy Between Sales and Service

One of the critical success factors for Paytime was the tight integration between Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve. The two solutions help Paytime integrate and compile data from two different but equally essential sources. They also help them build a clear, cohesive view of their prospect and customer needs and expectations.

To this day, the integration allows seamless collaboration between sales and service teams. The two integrated solutions provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions and enable them to work together to achieve customer satisfaction and business growth.

Measuring Success and Continuous Improvement

Following the initial implementation and onboarding phase, Paytime’s engagement with Sugar Serve and Sell was an ongoing journey. The team at Paytime remained committed to a data-driven approach, leveraging key performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of their adoption and adapt to evolving business dynamics.

They monitored the performance of Sugar Serve and Sell by evaluating quantifiable metrics, which included response times during business hours, rates of case closure, and feedback obtained through customer satisfaction surveys. This continual measurement and analysis allowed them to proactively optimize their customer service and sales processes, ensuring that the solutions remained aligned with their evolving needs and priorities.

This data-driven approach empowered the management team to make informed decisions, continually enhance their service operations, maintain a low case backlog, and stay on top of their workload.

Elevating CX With Sugar Serve

Paytime’s experience with Sugar Serve is a prime example of how integrated customer service solutions can bring about significant transformation. By automating workflows, adopting intelligent case management, and promoting cooperation between sales and service teams, they not only enhanced the customer experience but also realized concrete business benefits.

Paytime’s service journey is a source of inspiration for companies aiming to provide outstanding service and achieve success through technology-driven solutions.

If you’re interested in learning Paytime’s full story, watch our Fight Churn and Enhance Visibility with a Single Source of Truth webinar. Or, if you’re interested in learning the latest CRM insights, don’t hesitate to download our 2024 State of CRM Report.

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