Four Ways SugarCRM Boosts Credit Union Marketing

Four Ways SugarCRM Boosts Credit Union Marketing

Have you ever thought about using your credit union’s marketing team to increase cross-selling and upselling? A flexible CRM platform (such as Sugar) that supports your marketing team and integrates with your departmental tools can help your marketing team get members closer to their goals while at the same time boosting the revenue of the credit union. There are four ways that SugarCRM can boost your credit union marketing:

  1. Combining data from multiple sources
  2. Segmenting members more easily accurately
  3. Tracking current products and product interests
  4. Providing visibility into this information across the organization

Easily Digestible Data From Multiple Sources

We understand that many credit union employees suffer from too many logins–and this includes the marketing employees. The flexibility of the Sugar platform allows us to integrate any other software platform with it. Examples of platforms we’ve integrated with include marketing automation tools, loan management systems, and core platforms such as Symitar. This feature allows us to condense marketing information into one system so employees can easily get an overview. This can provide visibility across your organization into:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Which members are attached to which marketing campaigns
  • Combined demographic information from multiple sources
  • Campaign performance and metrics

Segmenting Members Based on Complex Data Points

By combining data from multiple sources into Sugar, you can easily create segmented lists of your members based on demographic information, transaction history, and more. Some examples of segments you might want to create from Sugar include:

  • Members with external loans that need rescuing
  • Members with recent or upcoming life events, such as having a child and wanting to potentially start a college fund
  • Members with a high number of support cases

Sugar’s reporting wizard allows users to easily create segments via reports with a little training.

Track Current Products & Interests

The integrations to other tools allow us to track several pieces of member-related product information in Sugar:

  • What products a member currently uses
  • What products a member may be interested in
  • What products a member has declined in the past

This member information further allows marketing to produce marketing messages and campaigns that will go to the right members at the right time.

Organization-Wide Visibility

The elements of your marketing information that you consider to be the most vital can be pushed forward into a member view for your tellers and other employees. The pace of servicing a member at the teller booth is very quick–and the Sugar member view can highlight the most important information (such as what product should be suggested to the member) so it’s easy to find for the teller.
We’d love to show you how Sugar (and it’s Symitar integration) can be used in your credit union to increase new balances and spike auto loans. Learn how Sugar can be used at your credit union.

Katie Liesmann, W-Systems
Katie Liesmann, W-Systems Katie Liesmann is the Marketing Manager at W-Systems, a SugarCRM Elite Partner.

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