Keep Your CRM Data Secure with SugarCloud

Keep Your CRM Data Secure with SugarCloud

As enterprises seek to accelerate their business by shifting data and infrastructure to the cloud, more and more companies become potential targets of cyberattacks. CRM security is now a top priority for organizations that don’t want to be held liable for having their data stolen or exposed.

Is your company searching for strategies to gain speed and agility? Are you currently implementing or upgrading your CRM system? Then security should be at the top of your priority list, among other capital features that you expect your CRM vendor to provide, such as workflow automation, predicting capabilities, email integration, and document management

By embracing digital transformation and choosing SugarCloud, backed by the world’s leading cloud technology, you can focus your resources on strategic business growth.


SugarCRM is focused on providing intelligent, intuitive, and high-performing CX solutions. The SugarCloud platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which for 14 years has been the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform.

For Sugar, this translates into more time spent on improving our customer experiences since we do not have to worry much about building, updating, and maintaining our infrastructure. AWS provides unique service offerings to aid in your company’s expansion, including servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.

For you, it means confidence that your security, scalability, availability, and encryption are in the hands of the most trusted and proven cloud infrastructures on the market.

Localization and Availability

There are operations where local regulations require your data to be held in-country. SugarCloud utilizes AWS across the globe. You may choose the region you want to contain your data, and the data stays within that region.

Since all data is restricted within each region, all backups and availability requirements stay within each region as well. Each client’s frontend, services, and database is constantly replicated across multiple data centers within the same region to ensure you have access to your data even if one data center experiences issues.

Data Security

Every day your company generates, collects, and stores large quantities of data with a wide range of sensitivity, from corporate trade secrets to private financial consumer information. Even if you are a company with stringent security rules, you can still tap into the cloud’s benefits through the “private cloud”–where your company has a dedicated server that can even actually be on-premises but is maintained by a cloud provider–and other options that give you the best of both worlds.

5 Ways Your Data is Safe with Sugar:

  1. SugarCRM guarantees restricted access for non-authorized personnel. Multi-Factor authentication is used on all systems, for all access points, at all times. Also, the SugarCloud Platform provides Role-Based Access Control, configurable and reviewable by the client.
  2. All data at SugarCRM is encrypted in transit and at rest. SugarCloud requires the latest and most secure encryption algorithms available.
  3. SugarCloud maintains an active data retention policy and retains or deletes all data per applicable laws and compliance requirements. If a Sugar customer decides to leave Sugar, they have access to their data for up to 90 days, unless otherwise requested. After 90 days, customer data will be permanently deleted.
  4. Worried about GDPR? Sugar maintains a GDPR compliance program, and all details are reviewed as part of the Privacy program.
  5. Finally, our code is rigorously tested and secured through a comprehensive software development life cycle (SDLC) program. All code is continuously tested, gaps remediated, and retested. Once code has passed all tests and retests, it is put through QA and logic tests. Once it passes all those tests, it is put into an environment to be pen tested.

Closing Thoughts

Your main objective is to remain competitive by adding new collaborative capabilities and increasing operational efficiency in the cloud–while also saving money and resources.

SugarCloud is here to do the work by leveraging the most cutting-edge cloud technologies and components designed to offer optimal performance, reliability, scalability, and security for SugarCRM SaaS solutions.

We want to help you deliver outstanding customer experiences to your clients. To learn more about how SugarCloud innovates your business, contact us for more information or request a demo today.

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