To maintain profitability and sustain growth, recruiting and staffing organizations must be able to quickly find and place the best candidates. With today’s demand for talent far outweighing the supply, attracting the right talent can be difficult at best—which is why so many organizations rely on professional help to source clients. It is imperative that staffing agencies and recruiters have an acute awareness of a candidate’s mindset, preferences, and intentions to eliminate employee churn and satisfying clients.

Despite these challenges, when making investments in technology, most organizations focus on automating administrative tasks related to screening, interviewing, and placing (scheduling, texting, onboarding). However, these tools do not help recruiters overcome the difficulty of finding the right candidate and do provide insight into knowing exactly the right time to connect with a candidate.

What recruiting firms need is more visibility into the candidate pool to quickly zero in on the best candidates—many of whom are already in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system yet are often hidden from view due to outdated or incomplete information. With a more strategic approach to technology solutions, organizations can empower recruiters with better information and add real value to the organization. The information in the CRM is a goldmine of the candidates who may not have been a fit at the time but are stellar employees, whether they are searching or not is irrelevant if the position is right but that’s where timing comes into play during this process.

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Gain More Visibility into Candidates with Marketing Automation

Recruiters and staffing agencies that fully leverage their databases are the ones that will have more success in finding the right candidates at the right time. Many of these candidates in the pool you already have a superficial relationship with, but can you make a more meaningful connection?

A marketing automation platform like Sugar Market becomes a resource for organizations that want to gain more visibility into their candidate pool, build better relationships, and inspire brand loyalty. It magnifies the value of the contacts and data that you have in your CRM, adding insight and giving you the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of candidates and clients.

Here are six ways marketing automation provides better visibility into the talent pool so you can find, engage, and nurture the right candidates.


Establish Meaningful Relationships

Keep candidates warm by nurturing the relationship for the long-term via personalized emails at scale or segmented campaigns based on behavior or interest.

With marketing automation, you can use the information in your CRM to build detailed candidate profiles. You’ll never miss an opportunity to have a meaningful interaction when you pair your CRM with marketing automation, such as wishing them good luck on a new role or simply saying happy birthday. Increased engagement with candidates also leads to greater knowledge—the more you know about candidates or the types of employers they are interested in working for, the more you can personalize your relationship with them.

Staying in regular contact will make it much easier to connect with qualified candidates when a role suddenly opens and they’re a perfect fit for it. This means you aren’t cold-calling—you are contacting candidates who already know you and are receptive to your outreach. Firms that consistently engage with candidates are more likely to report their existing database as their top source of placements.


Obtain a Clear View of the Most Qualified Contacts

Your CRM is your most valuable asset. However, if you have a large candidate database, that complicates finding the best talent easily.

Through emails and opt-in nurture campaigns, you can build detailed candidate profiles and preferences, surfacing the right candidates.

Want to know who’s on the market right now and who’s not? Who’s really interested in your jobs? When is the best time to reach out and the preferred method for communication? Which candidates open to relocation? There is a myriad of questions about candidate qualifications that marketing automation can help you answer through engagement tracking and personalized communication.

“Companies with a competitive advantage are sharing compelling content (not just posting jobs) that adds value—including why working at their organization is different than working at similar companies, which helps guide a candidate’s decision to apply or accept an offer.”
—Allison Kruse, Director of Content and Social Media, Kforce


Builds Brand Trust

Even after someone is placed, keep in touch by providing periodic, relevant content. Place candidates move on for a variety of reasons but by building a relationship, you’ll be among the first they remember. In the job world, networking is key, thus they may also be able to provide valuable referral contacts.

Keep all your clients and candidates warm via engagement. Engaging with them regularly and
providing content specific to their interests leads to brand recognition for your business and position you as a thought leader. When it comes time for them to hire again, you will be top of mind.

“The staffing industry is a crowded industry, and in most cases not a very complex sale, so the sales process can be very fast. It’s critical to remain top of mind with influencers and decision makers. It’s important to portray yourself as a thought leader in the talent specialty or various talent specialties you provide. Industry reports indicate that mindset is changing at an increasing rate and a tool like Sugar Market will be utilized by more and more firms, both big and small.”
—Serafim Mendonca, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Clarity Consultants


Bridges the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

What sales or marketing team doesn’t want to know who visited their website, who downloaded a whitepaper, or who viewed a job listing? More so, what team wouldn’t want to understand if an email was received and opened or who took action from a paid search ad?

With a marketing automation platform, your website becomes not only an online ambassador for your brand, but also a front-line sales team. For example, your website is set up to capture, segment and analyze visitor data. This can be done through your marketing automation system which enables you to know the exact source of your visitors and what content resonates with your audience.

“Results from our email campaigns are tied to contacts. How people have interacted with content tells us a lot about what they are interested in.”
—Andrea Pion, Vice President of Marketing, Davis Companies

A marketing automation platform can bring both intelligence and efficiency to a variety of efforts, such as lead nurturing, campaign planning and execution, campaign measurement, website visitor identification, and more.


Helps Clean Up Your Database

Have you ever received a “personalized” email with incorrect information? When the sender uses incorrect information like where you once lived or a company you previously worked for, they are working on outdated data and the result is feeling like that sender doesn’t really know you at all. If you’re working on outdated data, you can negatively affect a relationship you’ve been nurturing.

Some contacts may be outdated, leaving you as a recruiter clueless to a candidate’s status and if they are still working. Utilizing email campaigns, you can refresh the accuracy of the data in your CRM by asking candidates to update their personal information such as job status, contact information, latest skill updates, desired work location preferences, and so on. Be sure to give them an incentive to complete this—an invitation to a job fair or a piece of content about how to improve their resume. Doing so will put you in a better position to qualify your contacts when you’re looking to fill a new role.


Sells Your Clients to Your Candidates

In a competitive market, every advantage that can lead to faster placements can bring you more business. One way to use marketing automation to your advantage is to sell your clients to potential employees as if they are potential buyers. Advertise benefits and create campaigns that show people how great it is to work at a specific client’s company. once you score your lead’s responses, you can determine the interest level of your candidates in a job or company and put them on a short list. This will help you grow long-term pipelines and respond quickly when the time or place is perfect for the candidate and the client.

With marketing automation, recruiting and staffing agencies gain better visibility into the candidate pool and client needs, so recruiters can find, engage, and nurture the right candidates, at the right time, for the right job. When it’s right, your organization gains a competitive advantage for increased profitability and sustained growth no matter what challenges the market brings.

When it comes to recruiting, the value of a marketing automation platform that integrates to your CRM is almost limitless. Here are some essential ways a CRM and marketing automation platform work together to accelerate your business:

  • Identifies and tracks activity that can be turned into better decision making
  • Cuts through the clutter and surfaces passive candidates who are lurking in your database
  • Reaches millennial candidates in a way they prefer (i.e. not cold calling)
  • Raises awareness of your company and your clients’ companies
  • Builds brand preferences through sending targeted, meaningful content
  • Locates the right talent just when you need it
  • Grows pipeline of candidates for future jobs or special projects
  • Leverages the power of email to reach prospects on mobile devices
  • Expands the power of your CRM through integration that aligning the sales and marketing aspects of the business

Marketing automation enables teams to make more placements—for the annual cost or the margin on one long-term contract assignment.