Supercharge Bullhorn CRM with Sugar Market

Despite your best efforts, time is against you. The most qualified candidates are hired within 10 days. Whether you’re trying to efficiently place qualified candidates at scale or remain top-of-mind for clients, today’s top recruiting and staffing firms are turning to Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion. Sugar Market’s native integration with Bullhorn CRM equips you with visibility into candidate and client journeys, helping you zero in on the most qualified leads in your database. With visibility into who to reach out to and when, you get time on your side so that you can stop searching and start hiring.

Gain Candidate Visibility

Surface the right candidate based on interests, qualifications, or engagement. Utilizing actionable insight from within Bullhorn, build and segment candidate profiles, score clients, deploy targeted campaigns, and get custom alerts to engage in conversations that convert.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Nurture prospective candidates and clients as well as your existing base by automatically triggering messages based on engagement, specific dates or interest. This ensures you remain top of mind while minimizing meticulous tasks.

Get Time on Your Side

Gain critical insight into candidate and clients’ engagement to understand more about their interests and needs. Leveraging that knowledge, tailor personalized email campaigns at scale to reach prospects with the right message at the right time.

Measure ROI

Get the most out of your integration by understanding what’s working and what’s not. View lead activity within Bullhorn and leverage Sugar Market Advanced Analytics to create and share visual reports that showcase the success of your efforts.

Native Bullhorn, Jobscience and Talent Rover Integrations

Sugar Market is the only full-featured marketing automation software to integrate with leading recruitment CRM platforms, like Bullhorn, Jobscience, Talent Rover and Salesforce. The native integration solution provides:

  • A two-way sync of crucial elements such as leads, contacts, candidates, accounts and opportunities
  • Visibility into marketing activities to track leads through the entirety of their candidate and client’s journeys
  • Segments based on previous activities, future behavior, demographics or infographics
  • Advanced BI-grade reporting to optimize processes and measure ROI

The synchronization between the two systems has been a major improvement on my day-to-day job. I don’t have to pull information from Bullhorn manually and can just expect both of the systems to have all data synced. Having my Sales team go to Bullhorn and see the customer journey is even more amazing. They know exactly what they could possibly sell based on web visits, and email opens.

Kirsten M Marketing Manager, Kyloe Partners