The company didn’t have a tool to manage customers. Interactions with prospects went untracked, and there was no visibility into customer interactions and behaviours. The business needed a solution that would improve the sales cycle and allow data and knowledge to be shared across the business.


Working with SugarCRM Elite Partner OpenSymbol, Mediocredito TAA implemented the Sugar Professional system. The business chose Sugar after evaluating major CRM providers, finding it to be the most versatile, customisable and flexible. The business also uses the Sugar Mobile App, which allows employees to access customer data even whilst traveling.


  • Complete view of clients, with knowledge shared across the business
  • Increased customer retention
  • Strengthened customer relationships
  • Ability to track interactions with prospects and improve commercial offers

Why a Corporate & Investment Bank House Puts Its Money on CRM

Mediocredito TAA was struggling to keep up with current customer information and to track interactions with prospects. Customers were speaking to several consultants at various times and having to repeat their information.

The company needed a solution that would ensure data and knowledge could be shared easily across the company and give brand managers and sales representatives information at their fingertips, encouraging a more streamlined way of working.

Additionally, it was important that the bank track interactions with potential customers, whether financial directors, CFOs or entrepreneur leaders of SMEs. The status of new customer opportunities changes continuously for the bank, perhaps evolving quickly from a simple offer to a specific phase of financial analysis.

To ensure it was continuously improving its commercial offer and approach to the market, Mediocredito TAA needed to track these interactions and note lost opportunities. With the Sugar Mobile App, Mediocredito TAA teams are now able to use Sugar on the move. The app is easy to consult when travelling or away from the office, and means employees can access customer information on mobile devices at any time, from wherever they are.

Initially, the company struggled to secure company-wide buy in for the project, as some employees were unsure as to what added worth the new solution could bring. The implementation partner, OpenSymbol, helped to streamline the transition and explain the value, ensuring everyone was on board.

About Mediocredito Trentino Alto Adige

Founded in 1953 and based in Trento, Mediocredito Trentino Alto Adige is the market leader in factoring in Italy and one of the principal international players in credit management. In addition, the company offers a complete range of medium and long-term financial solutions and the necessary consultancy for identifying the most suitable instrument for each customer, taking into account the specific characteristics of their sector as well as the development stage of the projects in which they intend to invest. You can learn more at

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OpenSymbol is a CRM company based in Vicenza, and the unique SugarCRM Elite Partner in Italy. With a team of certified consultants OpenSymbol is committed to developing projects tailored to the customer. Further information is available at