How to Achieve Sales & Service Alignment

How to Achieve Sales & Service Alignment

Your sales team sells your products and sets expectations for customers. Your service team needs to deliver on those promises and maintain the level of value your customers expect.

We would like to help you align your sales and service teams to improve your brand reputation, and focus on building solid communication channels, robust hand-off processes with technology that makes the hard things easier.

In our webinar, we discussed how Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve can improve how your sales and service teams work together, and focus on their shared goal: creating customers for life. If you would like to access the full webinar recording, click here.

Some of the key topics discussed between Charles Hicks, General Manager, Sugar Serve at SugarCRM, Roy Grubbs, Customer Success Manager at SugarCRM, and Mario Del Cid, Customer Success Director, EMEA at SugarCRM include:

  • The most common areas for improvement between sales and service: handoff points, closing the loop, and maintaining communication.
  • The top 5 challenges preventing companies from aligning their sales and service teams, and how Sell and Serve address them.
  • Best practices for departmental alignment between sales and service.
  • How the combined power of Sell and Serve enables your teams to work with blind spots, no busy work, and no roadblocks.

How to Achieve Sales & Service AlignmentDuring the webinar, we asked our attendees whether they think their sales and service teams work well together.

What’s Your Customer Experience Mastery?

If you’re just starting to look into sales and service (and even marketing) alignment, we highly recommend you begin taking our 10-minute Customer Experience Assessment, and uncover your company’s current state of customer experience (CX), reveal areas for improvement, and deliver prescriptive steps to improve across three key areas—people, process, and technology.

How to Achieve Sales & Service AlignmentAt the end, we’ll give you a Customer Experience Score, tell you what it means, and provide free resources to help you take the next steps to unleash high-definition customer experience within your organization.

If you would like to learn more about marketing, sales, and service success, we highly recommend these resources:

Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks Explorer of new and exciting markets, Charles Hicks is the General Manager of Customer Service at SugarCRM and has over 20 years of experience in operations, consulting, sales and marketing.

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