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No business is the same, yet each can benefit from using Sugar’s custom CRM.

Customize and configure Sugar’s CRM software to meet your specific business needs.

CRM customization options can vary from and include:

  • Custom fields
  • Custom modules
  • Custom layouts
  • Code customizations
  • Third party plug-ins.

SugarCRM provides you with various tools to make our customizable CRM software your own.

Create custom layouts, relationships, and fields – all of these without writing a line of code. Use Sugar Studio to customize your Sugar instance as well as the Self-service Portal. Sugar Administrators can also use Sugar Studio to easily customize SugarCRM Mobile app layouts.

Use Sugar Module Builder to create custom CRM modules tailored to your specific business processes. Administrators and developers can use Module Builder to create, deploy, and export custom modules.

Install custom file packages through Module Loader. Custom file packages can range from custom code to a 3rd-party plug-in package. Manage or disable custom modules using Module Loader. Module Builder allows you to create Packages that house multiple modules of different types.

Sugar Administrators can configure core Sugar functionality like module or sub-panel visibility, user access control, job schedulers and more. Administrators can also configure at a module level for specific custom CRM functionalities, for instance track opportunities and build forecasts, to make them more relevant for their organizations.

Ready to get started with CRM Customization and Configuration?