No matter what we ask of Sugar, there is a way to do it.

Klaus Hoeling

SugarCloud offers the most forward-thinking, future-proofed CX platform available on the market today.

And that’s not hyperbole. Unlike other vendors that rely on proprietary clouds, Sugar makes extensive use of the most rapidly innovating commercial cloud technology available. This means we’re free to innovate, enhance and expand our technology at any time. All the time. It’s how we keep you at the cutting edge of customer experience management, and ensure you always have the tools you need to create customers for life.

Why choose SugarCloud?

SugarCloud is ideal for companies that need to:


Your entire organization can get up and running with SugarCloud in days, not months. 


SugarCloud has everything you need to meet customer expectations as the evolve.


SugarCloud’s extensive use of cutting-edge commercial cloud technology frees us to focus on enhancing CX capabilities, not managing infrastructure—giving you a lower cost.

Stay at the cutting edge of CX

You can always count on SugarCloud for rapid, regular updates. Each quarterly release reflects the latest trends and customer behaviors; every enhancement is designed to help you provide outstanding experiences across marketing, sales and service.

Rest assured with 99.5% uptime

Our industry-leading uptime ensures your employees have access to everything they need, when they need it. SugarCloud is continually monitored to keep the system running at peak performance. So you can rest assured your data and dashboards are always a quick click or swipe away.

Stay safe and secure

SugarCloud works in accordance with regulations and requirements around
the world, empowering your organization to confidently address your customers’ data privacy rights.

Configure to your exact needs

From module builders to automated workflows and rest APIs to pre-built connectors, SugarCloud offers all the tools you need to build your ideal CX platform. Thousands of integrations and configuration options make it remarkably easy to extend the capabilities of your Sugar implementation.

Create outstanding customer experiences in the cloud

At every touchpoint. Across the entire customer lifecycle.

Sugar Market

Connect with new customers in meaningful, memorable ways with Sugar Market.


Sugar Sell

Get the exact insights you need to personalize communications and build lasting relationships.


Sugar Serve

Give customers the support they deserve—before they even know they need it.


Sugar Professional

小型企業的 CRM. 加速您的企業成長.