The only thing that held us back from doing it any earlier was we thought our customizations would be more difficult to migrate. SugarCloud is very flexible. If I’d known it was that easy, I would have done it earlier.

Steve Thompson
Director, ENGL

SugarCRM + AWS = SaaS Success

SugarCloud is engineered inside Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage the most cutting edge cloud technologies and components, designed to offer optimal performance, reliability, scalability and security for SugarCRM SaaS solutions.

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Sugar & AWS: Powering CX Innovation Together

Our continuous innovation of cloud solutions brings users a differentiated high-definition customer experience.

Sugar with Amazon

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Why choose SugarCloud?


Your entire organization can get up and running with SugarCloud in days, not months. Cloud deployment is far easier and quicker to set up than on-premises software. 


SugarCloud insights have everything you need to meet customer expectations as they evolve.


SugarCloud’s extensive use of cutting-edge commercial cloud technology frees us to focus on enhancing CX capabilities, not managing infrastructure—giving you a lower cost. Optimize your storage capacity without extra equipment and save money.

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Forward-Thinking and Future-Proof

SugarCloud is the most forward-thinking, future-proofed HD-CX platform available. Unlike other vendors that rely on limited location clouds, we keep you at the cutting edge of customer experience management, ensuring you always have the tools you need to create customers for life.

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Access Faster Innovation

Our cloud-based CRM’s AWS embedded capabilities provide a host of benefits to Sugar users everywhere. Not only does our relationship with AWS provide the highly scalable, reliable, and high performance CX solutions, but active users of Sugar can also leverage valuable AWS components seamlessly inside their Sugar solutions. This includes leading tools like advanced Elastic search capabilities, S3 storage, Amazon Comprehend sentiment analysis, and so much more.

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Rest assured with 99.5% uptime

Our industry-leading, AWS backed uptime ensures your employees have access to everything they need, when they need it. SugarCloud is continually monitored to keep the system running at peak performance, so you can rest assured your data and dashboards are always a quick click or swipe away.

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Stay safe and secure

SugarCloud is SOC 2 Type II compliant, meeting regulations and requirements around the world and empowering your organization to confidently address your customers’ data privacy rights, then relies on tools like SugarIdentity to manage all your user management and access needs.

Create outstanding customer experiences in the cloud

At every touchpoint. Across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Sugar Market

Connect with new customers in meaningful, memorable ways with Sugar Market.


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Sugar Sell

Get the exact insights you need to personalize communications and build lasting relationships.


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Sugar Serve

Give customers the support they deserve—before they even know they need it.