As CEO, Craig Charlton leads all facets of the SugarCRM business, from setting our vision and strategic direction to making sure we’re executing in the best possible way on the ground every day. Craig has been building and running high-growth businesses for 25 years. Before joining SugarCRM he was CEO of Oildex – the financial automation software and services provider – where he drove growth and oversaw the company’s acquisition by Drillinginfo. Craig also served as CEO of Abila, the financial and CRM provider operating in the association, non-profit and government space. Abila, which was acquired by Community Brands, grew its revenues threefold and transformed its revenue base to a subscription-based (SaaS) model over a three-year period. Craig has also been senior vice president and general manager (Asia Pacific) for ERP provider Epicor Software Corporation, where he shaped the company’s regional strategy to deliver consistent revenue and profit growth.

Clare Dorrian 身為 SugarCRM 的行銷總監,負責監管公司全面整合的行銷策略。她主管客戶行銷、營收增長、產品行銷以及行銷運營團隊。

在加入 Sugar 前,Dorrian 於 Verint Systems 擔任了超過五年的行銷副總裁,引領需求產生與客戶參與組合的品牌和創意的方方面面。在加入 Verint 之前,她在 KANA Software、Sword Group、Ciboodle 和 Graham Technology 的 CRM 軟體市場中擔任過各種國際行銷職務。

Clare 以成果導向,更是有創意、有熱情的行銷專家,她為大小不一的 B2B 軟體公司工作時,於客戶獲取、品牌及市場意識上都有所成就。她具有高度積極性、相當活躍且致力於團隊合作,擅長啟發行銷人員創造對企業和客戶都有益的真正的成果。

Clare 在英國出生並長大,現居於舊金山。她擁有格拉斯哥大學的榮譽碩士學位。

Senior Executive with 25+ years of experience serving midmarket organizations and Global 1000 companies. As EVP Product I drove product strategy and development for Epicor Software Corporation one of the largest enterprise software companies and a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries and more than 4,600 employees. Epicor’s product solutions continue to receive recognition from leading industry analysts and members of the media including, for the fifth time in a row, receiving recognition as visionary on the ERP Gartner Magic Quadrant.

As SugarCRM’s Chief Legal Officer, Vincent Lowder is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall legal operations and brings extensive experience in the computer software, SaaS and consulting services industry, in both the publicly held and private growth markets.

Vincent joins Sugar after more than 20 years with Epicor Software Corporation, holding positions as Chief Legal Officer and Treasurer, where he helped the company grow from $100 million to $1B in annual revenues.

After obtaining a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA, Vincent studied at Loyola Law School before practicing with the Jones Day and Paul Hastings law firms. Vincent is also a Certified Public Accountant (inactive).

Clint helped found SugarCRM in 2004 with the goal of enabling companies around the world to turn their customers into loyal fans. Today, he leads strategy and acquisitions for the company. Clint was one of the original architects and developers of the Sugar application and has focused on building out the product, company, partners and community in a variety of executive roles.

Prior to co-founding SugarCRM, Clint held senior roles in the development, professional services and product management organizations at Epiphany, Octane Software and Hewlett Packard. He has 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry and over 15 years designing and building award-winning CRM software solutions. Clint holds a BS in computer science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is the co-author of multiple CRM software patents. Clint enjoys traveling and speaking at conferences on a variety of customer experience and entrepreneurship topics, and has visited SugarCRM customers and partners in over 25 countries.

As SugarCRM’s chief customer officer, Chris Pennington is responsible for the Sugar customer journey. He leads the global Professional Services and Support business units to drive world-class outcomes leading to best-in-class customer satisfaction, retention, and referenceability.

Pennington joins Sugar after more than twelve years at Professional Advantage PTY Ltd., a global Independent Software Vendor and Reseller of IT business systems to medium-large scale organizations. While at Professional Advantage, he oversaw revenues of more than $50M as vice president of the US and general manager of Australia. He brings a wealth of experience across a broad portfolio of SaaS and on-premise products and services, to include CRM and managed services.

Prior to Professional Advantage, Pennington held executive senior level roles at Epicor Australia, Intelligent Building Solutions, Cedar Enterprise Solutions and Interleaf. He holds an honorary BSc degree from De Montfort University in the U.K. and PMP certification from the Sydney chapter of the Project Management Institute.

As CFO, Matt brings over 20 years of financial leadership experience to Sugar, most recently serving as CFO of two Vista Equity Partners portfolio companies, Poppulo and EagleView. Prior to this, he spent eight years at United Technologies Corporation in divisional CFO roles. He has extensive experience in creating value and driving profitable growth in both public and private companies. At Sugar, Matt is responsible for providing leadership of the Finance function as well as strategic recommendations to the executive team and board of directors.

Matt holds a B.S. in Accounting from the State University of New York at Buffalo as well as an MBA in Finance, Marketing and Economics from the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester. He is also licensed as a CPA in the state of New York.

Zac 領導 SugarCRM 的全球分銷產品管理、使用者體驗和工程部門團隊。他負責定義 Sugar 平台的產品願景和策略,並負責履行該策略。他擁有在科技公司服務超過 25 年的經驗,擔任過各種領導職務。

在此之前,Zac 曾擔任資深產品副總裁,負責推動 Sugar 平台的策略願景。在加入 SugarCRM 之前,Zac 曾在 Geeknet、Mitel、VA Linux Systems 和 Corel Computer Corp. 擔任管理職務。

Shana Sweeney 身為 Sugar 的人力資源總監,為公司帶來其從各種產業和大小公司累積的二十多年經驗。她負責確保 Sugar 員工的需求能為優先考量,以此提供傑出的員工體驗。

Shana 於 2015 年加入 SugarCRM,在那之前她是 Nuna Inc. 重要的共同創辦人,從零開始協助建立該公司。在於 Nuna 任職前,她曾於 Xactly、Google、Severn Trent Services 和 Aetna 等公司肩負越來越複雜的職能。Shana 擁有天普大學福克斯商學院 (Temple University’s Fox School of Business) 的人力資源管理 MS 學位和聖塔克魯茲加州大學 (UC Santa Cruz) 的國際政治 BS 學位。

James 身為 EMEA 地區的資深副總裁兼總經理,在科技領域擁有豐富經歷,更有超過 23 年的 ERP、CRM 和 IT 服務管理經驗。在 Sugar,他負責監督該地區的銷售、行銷和服務的方方面面。他前一個職位是在領先業界的人才管理公司 Saba 中,肩負 EMEA 地區「進入市場」職能的領頭人。任職期間,他也是領導團隊的關鍵成員,整合了兩個大型收購案,而該公司的員工人數更從 80 人增長到 500 多人。

在 James 的整個職涯中,他一直是 CRM 競爭對手部署的高階支持者,並第一手見證了他團隊因複雜性和缺少可用性所感受到的挫折。因此,他熱衷於推動 Sugar 下一代的 CX,以此建立一生的顧客關係。

Jason Rushforth 身為北美和南美地區的總經理,將超過 20 年的產品及 SaaS 經驗帶到 Sugar——皆投入到 CRM 及 CX 中。他於科技產業受人尊敬且經驗豐富;在這之前身為 Infor 的副總裁及總經理時,實現其客戶體驗解決方案套裝的願景並加以執行。

在加入 Infor 前,Jason 曾任 Oracle 的產業解決方案與企業銷售副總裁,他是透過 Eloqua 的收購而加入該公司,並促成 Marketing Cloud 總銷售額成長七千五百億美金。他曾於 Eloqua 擔任產業解決方案的總經理,並推動特定應用的進入市場策略,為 Oracle 帶來超過十億的銷售額。此外,Jason 曾任 CDC Software(現為 Aptean)的前端客戶服務解決方案總裁,並曾為 Marketbright(現為 Act-On)的董事會成員。

Jason 身為客戶服務領域專家,擁有多年的建構 MarTech 和 CRM 堆疊 (stack) 的經歷,更受邀做過上千場演講。他對於教育及思維領導具有高度熱情,並致力於與客戶、分析人員及潛在客戶建立關係。

Jason 身為 Sugar 高階主管團隊的最新成員,能預見公司未來的美好發展,尤其是公司能透過 Sugar Discover 及 Market 產品,運用易於實施的其他創新功能來建立終身客戶。

As SugarCRM’s General Manager of Platform, Christian Wettre is responsible for the strategy and operationalization of organization-wide initiatives, including the evaluation and integration of newly acquired businesses and the design of standard operating methodologies. Christian cares deeply about ensuring that SugarCRM delivers measurable results for our customers.

Prior to joining SugarCRM in 2020, Christian was President of W-Systems Corp. where he led a team of over 100 technology professionals and oversaw numerous M&A integrations. He has gained over two decades of experience in designing and deploying innovative solutions for marketing, sales, and service organizations.

Christian originates from Norway and is based in New Jersey, USA. He holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.