Picture this… you are a leader in flower delivery and you rely on a network of thousands of artisan florists spread throughout the country. You offer quality products and continue to develop your network. You want to offer a unique experience, and better manage your members.

But you are a specialist in services, not CRM. You want to centralise the data at your disposal and facilitate the commercial relationship, better manage the supply of florists and gain efficiencies as well as support the growth of your network.

So, you turn to SugarCRM with the support of your local partner Synolia. You define your needs and begin to develop the Sugar solution, easy to use and adapted to your priorities, accompanied by an attentive and supportive team.

And now you have centralised information within Sugar. All the partner data needed by your teams is easily accessible (contacts, order history, etc.) which allows them to gain efficiencies and relevancy in the management of overall partner relationships.

Industry Services
Location Lyon, France

Synolia, a historic partner of SugarCRM in France, helps companies deliver the best experience to their customers thanks to a complete platform of services and solutions.

www.synolia.com //  sugarcrm@synolia.com