The Scoop: SugarPredict Pioneers Artificial Intelligence for All

The Scoop: SugarPredict Pioneers Artificial Intelligence for All

With every new year, we look forward to the innovations that the year will bring—not only our hopes of a bright future but making predictions of what may lie ahead. At SugarCRM, we’ve started this year with certainty rather than predictions, releasing a new slew of product updates, including a game-changing feature: SugarPredict.

It’s only fitting to launch SugarPredict now in the infancy of 2021. After a year of uncertainty for businesses worldwide, SugarPredict offers essential insight into business growth and removes the guesswork from day-to-day activities. SugarPredict is a time-aware, artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solution that delivers actionable insights without the need for time, cost, and technical expertise traditionally required to utilize AI. Making its debut directly within Sugar Sell, SugarPredict removes the guesswork from your daily sales activities, providing accurate insights that you can then act on to convert leads to opportunities and opportunities to closures. While first leaving its mark on Sugar Sell, this functionality will expand and grow to include more Sugar products in the future.

In addition to SugarPredict, the Sugar Product Team has been tirelessly working to debut remarkable updates and enhancements to other Sugar products. In Q4 2020, Sugar Market released a newly-designed and optimized Nurture Builder to help marketers be more agile and flexible when creating nurtures. As part of this release, the team increased the Nurture Builder’s flexibility allowing marketers to adjust in-flight nurtures, furthering the ability to utilize the metrics within Sugar Market to refine their nurtures.

Sugar Serve, which saw the release of SugarLive in the prior quarter, features upgrades not only in the SugarLive functionality where customer service representatives can take notes while engaging with customers via chat or phone but also two other additions. The first, a time-saver for customer service professionals using Sugar Serve, is automatic customer identification, allowing companies to focus on the customer’s issue rather than searching for the record. SugarLive users will also benefit from single-sign-on (SSO) between Amazon Connect and Sugar Serve.

There’s more to discover, including additional hidden gems in Sugar’s Q4 release. Watch The Scoop to learn the whole story of this quarter’s updates and read the press release here.

And stay tuned—we are revolutionizing the industry with never before seen innovation. This is only the beginning of the ground-breaking advancements we’ll make in 2021 and change the way you do business.

Tegan Silanskas
Tegan Silanskas A marketing professional with a love for the written word, Tegan has over 15 years of writing and marketing experience having previously worked for SugarCRM as a content marketing manager in strategy and social media. Thriving on strategy, leadership, and the why behind marketing, she loves uncovering new trends and trying to understand challenging concepts through research and ideation. When not working, Tegan can be found behind her Nikon or attending the latest hard rock concert.

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