The Scoop: SugarLive Omnichannel Customer Service Release

The Scoop: SugarLive Omnichannel Customer Service Release

Release Highlights for SugarLive, Nurture Builder, Sell’s Enhanced Renewal Console

Bringing together the best of all worlds in one place, the new announcement of SugarLive, the omnichannel customer service, and support integration with Amazon Connect is a win for professionals across the business world. This exciting feature available now in Sugar Serve is a unique advantage to customers with integration directly into Serve’s intuitive Service Console. By prioritizing based on customizations unique to your business, this feature allows Amazon’s call center technology to route, track, and prioritize customer cases that your service team handles. SugarLive adds to the Serve capabilities to track cases via email by adding voice and chat right into the Service Console. This also furthers our commitment to continual cloud innovation by strengthening our relationship with AWS.

It would be more than enough to just debut SugarLive as the highlight of this release, but there’s more to highlight in this quarterly release including Sugar Market’s optimized and redesigned Nurture Builder—which is slated to revolutionize the ease at which Market users can create and adjust nurtures within their campaigns. This makes it easy to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time truly accelerating your campaigns as needed.

Sugar Sell releases build on our automated renewal management via an important customization enhancement. When it comes to renewals, Sell users can now customize the renewal duration at the line item level—a feature that was previously only allowed at the catalog level. This feature unlocks the ability for sales teams to tailor their subscription or renewals to fit each individual customer as needed.

An immense amount of work went into the release this quarter and the results are evident.

Exited for what else to see in this release? Watch SugarCRM’s exclusive The Scoop above to find out all the exciting enhancements and new features going live and read the press release. Plus, join us on SugarClub to learn more details of each feature exclusive to the SugarClub community.

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