Stay on Track with CRM on Mobile

Stay on Track with CRM on Mobile

Being on the go doesn’t mean getting less done. Mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and other innovations have put an endless array of options at people’s fingertips. The global mobile application market is continually rising, as it was valued at $106.27 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $407.31 billion by 2026.

The CRM mobile market makes no exception, with a demand for mobile-based CRM accounts for nearly 27% of the global CRM market. As a powerful dynamic tool, any CRM software must ensure the same functionality on mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) as on computers. They must help you provide the same high-definition customer experience without being at your desk and enable you to access information when needed, anywhere you are.   

Why Is Mobile CRM So Important

Successful sales professionals travel, attend conferences and trade shows, are out in the fields, meet customers and prospects, or work from home. Only a mobile CRM app gives them the flexibility to do all that, which is why mobile CRM has become a modern-day standard. There are many ways your teams can benefit from using mobile CRM apps, including:

1. Quick Access to Information

With the CRM mobile app, there are literally no limits on reaching your real-time data. Besides instant access to scheduling tools and calendars that prevent you from missing an appointment, your CRM data is totally available. A mobile CRM allows your sales, marketing, and service agents to access the latest information about your sales pipelines, check on a salesperson’s activity, or compile reports on the go to respond to urgent needs, just like a desktop CRM dashboard does.

2. Offline Syncing

A mobile CRM app enables you to work offline even when the network is unavailable. With its offline capabilities and customizable layouts, users can trigger automation, access dashboards, create opportunities and quotes, and generate documents without real-time updates but syncing once the internet connection is restored.

3. Provide High-Definition Customer Experience without Being at Your Desk

Mobile CRM is not only about easy access at all times and locations but staying as efficient as ever. Not being at your desk shouldn’t stop you from offering your customers the experience they expect from you. You can customize the interface, prioritize tasks or answer customer claims or questions faster to prevent losing deals or making your customers feel unattended.

4. Native Device Integrations

You often need to grab information for an on-site pitch, marketing questions from sales, or support inquiries. Mobile CRM apps allow you to quickly create dynamic searches, filters, and favorites to manage your most common sales, marketing, and support activities.​ Native device integrations like click-to-call, click-to-text, and GPS mapping help remove busywork across devices.

5. Open and Share Files

With mobile CRM, sales, marketing, and customer service teams stay in touch with each other and the company itself. They can quickly generate piles of documents. To avoid siloed information, each department member can organize, edit and share these documents from any location at any time. The result is a more organized, cohesive team that fosters employee engagement and retention. 

Go Mobile and Stay on Track with Sugar Mobile 

Your customers expect the most from you, and that means delivering continuous service.

Sugar’s Mobile CRM App enables you to access your CRM data (including Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Activities, and custom Sugar modules), online or offline, on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, through Mobile Application Configuration Service, eligible users can create custom-branded versions of the Mobile CRM app so they can customize the mobile app and have more control over distribution.

If you are a Sugar Maps user in the desktop app, you can map and route records directly within the mobile app instead of opening your device’s mapping application. 

Enable your road warriors to take the power of Sugar Sell with them in their pockets. Stay connected and take your business processes mobile. Reach out for a demo to see the platform in action and have the complete Sugar experience.  

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