How to Improve Sales Performance with Guided Selling

How to Improve Sales Performance with Guided Selling

You have ambitious global growth strategies designed to drive business and customer success. To sustain this growth strategy, most organizations have implemented technology solutions that grant defining processes to guide users towards their needed actions. But how do you get your sales team to follow these processes and perform at their best?

Automated customer-facing business processes in the CRM help its users navigate large sets of information and make the right decisions. Guided selling means designing, visualizing, and automating sales processes, constructing easily repeatable workflows, so your teams can stop guessing and focus on consistently delivering optimal customer experiences.

Guided selling means designing, visualizing, and automating sales processes.

Let’s discover how Sell Premier can assist you with complex sales scenarios. Premier includes sales force automation (SFA) capabilities with built-in AI to automate and accelerate sales, simplify complexity, increase velocity, and drive growth.

Improving Sales Performance with Guided Selling

Sales playbooks are a highly interactive way to guide sales reps throughout the sales cycle. They will know exactly the next steps at each stage of the sales process and what actions are needed to convert a lead to an opportunity and move from an opportunity to closing a deal.

The goal is to level up each individual performance across the organization. Imagine bringing everyone in your sales team to the level of your top ten sales reps. With sales [laybooks, all your salespeople can access a “how-to” guide, so they can deliver positive customer experiences consistently and reduce performance variability.

With guided selling playbooks, new employees can benefit from all the lessons learned in time by your professional sellers and have most of their questions (such as Who do I go to get a discount from? or How do I get former contracts?) answered.

Playbooks are versatile and cover specific use cases such as lead nurturing, opportunity management, contract creation, approval management, renewal management, customer onboarding, and more.

Drive Operational Excellence with Self-Guided Best Practices

The main objective of sales playbooks is to provide guidance and improve the performance of the overall sales organization. Guided selling lets you streamline business processes and ensure key strategies align with best practices across marketing, sales, and service teams. If you’re looking to deliver optimal experiences to your customers, accelerate your sales cycle and increase revenue, this is what you should know about using guided selling:

Create Guided Selling Playbooks, Templates, and Workflows Based on Best Practices

A sales playbook provides guidelines and/or checklists, tactics, actions, or entire sales workflows based on a popular sales methodology (e.g., SPIN Selling, Conceptual Selling, SNAP Selling, MEDDIC, Miller Heiman, etc.) or implement one of your own custom methodologies.

Interactive guided selling templates ensure that best practices are followed. You always know exactly where you are and what to do next, even when multiple people are involved—they all get notifications like “it’s your turn, please follow up with….” It’s a very adaptive tool that can push the user in the right direction based on what’s happening with the record. Users can see what steps to take next and move deals through the funnel more quickly.

Automate Manual Tasks and Steps and Save Up to 90% of Clicks

Besides providing a checklist, sales playbooks help users, and sales professionals save much of their time simply by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating some of the extra clicks and manual steps.

sales playbooks help users, and sales professionals save much of their time simply by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating some of the extra clicks and manual steps

Monitor Real-Time Progress and Outcomes

Sales playbooks enable sales leaders to notice where their teams are stumbling and what steps take the longest to get through on a particular journey. Seeing the big picture of the sale process, they know where to focus their attention when coaching their teams.

They can also use insights from reports to track the progress of each task and make data-driven decisions on optimizing and simplifying those processes over time.

No-Code Toolset for Business Users

There is no need to involve your IT department, and no special skills are needed. With a powerful and intuitive template builder, admins can define an end-to-end process within minutes and split these processes into color-coded stages with no code required. This empowers you to work on a whiteboard with our team and consider how the flow is built. Don’t wait to create the perfect sales journey for your team; start putting some lanes on how you conduct your business and work from there.

Closing Thoughts

There are many benefits you get from implementing guided selling for your teams, but if we were to sum up the most important ones, here they are:

  • Repeat and Recycle: automated and standardized customer-facing processes enable you to eliminate busy work in all departments.
  • Speed Things Along: in today’s world, speed matters, so if you can move your opportunities through the funnel faster, you can improve your win rate. Compiling an offer faster than your competition will give you a competitive differentiation.
  • Be Consistent: use sales playbooks either if you want to guide an individual sales rep through a few steps or orchestrate the collaboration of an entire team. Be ready to run multiple playbooks on one opportunity or account because there is no ideal recipe for closing a deal.

To learn how to leverage Sell Premier to implement visual playbooks directly within your CRM, get in touch with us today.

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