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See How Sugar Makes it Easy to Sell

Learn how you can:

  • Automatically gather and analyze actionable insights from a broad range of social and business data sources
  • Keep CRM, email, and calendar tools up-to-date without wasting time on data entry by leveraging no-touch information management
  • Never lose a renewal opportunity with built-in support for subscription-based sales
  • Gain unprecedented, time-aware performance insight with extensive metrics and historical performance used to alert you of issues proactively, opportunities, and root causes

We’re #1 where it counts: With our customers

"Sugar allowed us to consolidate a few disparate software tools into one."
"Robust reporting capabilities. We all use Sugar on a daily basis."
"Would never switch from Sugar!"

Customer Commitment—More than Words

At Sugar, we know that when it comes to customers, you need more than words. Let us prove to you how revolutionary our CX platform is.