Ditch Data Entry with Mail & Calendar Integrations in Sugar Sell

Ditch Data Entry with Mail & Calendar Integrations in Sugar Sell

A primary challenge for many organizations is having an incomplete view of their customer activity. Our 2022 CRM Impact Report revealed that 75% of marketing and sales leaders consider a consolidated view of customer information across the whole organization critical in delivering optimal customer experiences through the entire customer journey.

71% of salespeople think they spend too much time on data entry. But data entry is nobody’s idea of a good time: your sales reps get frustrated with all the “fill in” boxes, while customers could benefit more from their attention and time. This can decrease productivity, causing your company to lose revenue.

Sugar Sell, our flagship sales automation solution, responds to our customer’s business needs by assisting their sales teams’ outreach efforts, allowing them to focus on pain points, outcomes, and business values. Sugar Sell includes some of the capabilities of multiple former add-ons that have a much better value proposition than individual products. Let’s see how it works:

Supercharge Your Inbox with the Power of Sugar Integrations

Calendar and mail are one of the most used applications in every business. Empower your sales teams to work smarter right from their inboxes by keeping your CRM, email, and calendar tools integrated and up-to-date.

keep your CRM, email, and calendar tools integrated and up-to-date.

Sugar Sell enables you to manage your CRM data directly within Outlook or Gmail. Your Google Workspace or Office 365 accounts integrate with your CRM to gain complete visibility of customers, contacts, leads, and opportunities. When reading or composing emails, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Sugar Sell gives your sales team access to a complete context during critical customer interactions, so they can work more efficiently to build customer relationships.

Achieve Higher Sales Productivity

Salespeople are far from happy with the administrative burden placed on their hands. And they have a lot to do, from updating contact details, logging calls, and setting reminders to making appointments.

Sugar Sell lets your sales team focus on the big picture and revenue-driving activities, letting the platform remember the details. Besides accessing Sugar information from a sidebar when reading or composing an email, you can now archive essential emails into your CRM while automatically syncing your calendar and contacts. You won’t waste any more time entering the same data repeatedly or cutting and pasting information between apps. With Sugar Sell, you can eliminate the back-and-forth for meeting bookings with a unique link to your calendar— and without implementing another third-party application.

What’s great about Sugar Sell is that it enables you to:

  • Specify exactly which Opportunity, Contact, or Account you’d like the email to be archived to
  • Sync events across your Sugar and Outlook or Google calendars so you don’t need to maintain events in multiple calendars
  • Customize meeting types and fields so you never miss critical information or an important date.
  • Relate events to attendees’ records in Sugar
  • Share your calendar with the customer so that they can pick a convenient time and make you and your meeting attendees comfortable with the chosen meeting times.

Share your calendar with the customer so that they can pick a convenient time

Closing Thoughts

We are continuously improving the functionalities of our solutions to help you maximize the value of technology and create engaging experiences for your customers. Sugar customers typically experience a 45% reduction in time spent completing data entry and a 15% increase in lead generation, according to a 2022 Nucleus Research.

If you are interested in bridging the gap between lost information, fragmented data, and lost touch with those stellar customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Sugar Rep today.

Roxana Rangu
Roxana Rangu Prior to joining the SugarCRM team, Roxana worked in the marketing field for more than a decade. She loves good content, virtual events, and smart marketing. Though she fell in love with every aspect of digital marketing, video editing, and organizing high-level of experience webinars tops Roxana’s list of favorite projects. When she’s not making magic at her desk, you’re likely to find her painting, lifecasting, or admiring architecture when exploring her way through the world.

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