Integrated CRM Surveys: An Unbeatable Business Solution

Integrated CRM Surveys: An Unbeatable Business Solution

In a world of business where you have boundless competition, CRM is your treasure box. You can use it to track your customers’ needs, their data, sales details, etc. to achieve your organizational goals.

However, your success depends on the quality of data stored in it. Which means it should be updated and detailed enough to guide you for future actions. For example, following up on old leads and enhancing the checkout process of your eStore, etc.

Surveys are one of the best resources to gather fresh and updated data from your customers. But if the data is not analyzed, it’s of no use.

When you unify your survey tool and CRM, you can overcome these obstacles and deploy a win-win solution to solve thousands of such hurdles in a short span of time. For example, if you have Sugar CRM in place, you can utilize the SugarCRM Survey Module to merge their capabilities.

Want to know how? Read on.

Curated Buyer Personas

 These are a representation of what your users are really like. But when it comes to creating a buyer persona for your business, the most important thing is research. When you have a integrated CRM survey in place, it becomes easy to research and collect the following data:

  • Geographic information
  • Demographic info
  • Behavioral data and patterns
  • Purchasing process
  • Customer profiles

Once you receive the responses and save the data in your CRM, you can drive this data further to create a specific buyer persona. It helps you create marketing strategies and products as well as provide services to meet customer needs.

Achieve Automation

 Sending a survey after a customer activity such as a lead conversion or phone call generates more impact than sending them randomly. It gives you accurate and quick responses. When you integrate the power of CRM with a survey tool, it enables you to automate your campaigns with CRM events as triggers. You no longer need to sit in front of the computer every time you want to send a survey; you simply set a date, time, and condition and it will be sent on your behalf.

With automation, you can make the best use of your CRM data – understanding your customers at a deeper level. And it gives you more transparent responses to lead your marketing in the right direction.

Improved Customer Retention

When you own a business, it is important to listen to your customers. And by sending a survey, you have already shown initiative that you care about their opinion. Of course, you might get negative feedback or bad product reviews – but in a non-threatening manner. Hence, it helps you understand your customer’s problems effectively.

With a CRM survey integration, you can be sure that you have updated information about your existing customers and their preferences. You can also learn more about their journey and create additional surveys for effective communication.

Customer Service

You believe that you provide the best customer service. But do your customers feel the same way?

When you send surveys regularly, you encourage more loyalty and retention. To test it, utilize an NPS (Net Promoter Score) equipped survey. NPS questions give you more clarity on how your services and products are doing with your customers. Plus, you’ll derive how many of them promote your business to others.

Some other plus points are that you can create a better follow-up flow with triggered survey campaigns. Additionally, you can get in touch with customers who gave you a negative review. This way, you get a chance to pre-empt any negative response and drive a different outcome.

The Right Time

When you have an integrated CRM survey tool in place, you can trigger your survey campaigns at the right time. Unlike other online tools, here you can easily keep up with your CRM events and decide the best time to send a survey to your customers.

It also becomes easy for you to process received data. For instance, once you get the responses regarding your product, you integrate suggested changes accordingly.

The Final Takeaway

The integration of surveys and CRM helps you grow a deeper relationship with your customers. You can acquire new ones, as well as retaining those that are existing. It’s the best of both worlds!


Maulik Shah, AppJetty
Maulik Shah, AppJetty

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