Next-Generation CRM: New Changes in Sugar Sell

Next-Generation CRM: New Changes in Sugar Sell

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is valuable to an organization when its users happily run their day-to-day activities within the platform. But when six in ten (58%) marketing and sales leaders think their CRM system wastes money, organizations must adapt to both opportunities and threats.

CRM systems have not delivered on their promises for too long, which caused marketing and sales departments to fail in working together to put the customer first. By Letting the platform do the work, Sugar Sell goes beyond the already traditional 360-degree customer view and makes CRM the engine that drives high-definition customer experiences (HD-CX).

Take a look at the latest and greatest product innovations we’ve added to Sugar Sell to help our customers succeed.

Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Sales

HD-CX means mastering the ability to understand your customers’ struggles and aspirations. Since you rarely get a second chance to make a good impression, you have to take advantage and understand the context, which is indispensable in supporting exceptional experiences.

Including the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of SugarPredict into Sell enables you to understand the context better and own the future. It’s important to know that AI is more than just simple automation.

A proper AI-fueled customer relationship system can aggregate data from different sources, including in-house sales, marketing, and service tools. It interprets and identifies patterns in customer interactions. It can also compile customer data with open-source database information to offer further insights into customers, their preferences, chances to convert, and likely interactions.

AI-fueled customer relationship system can aggregate data from different sources

The addition of sentiment analysis empowers sales reps to know each customer and prospect emotional state and intent, driving emphatic engagement. By providing teams with an understanding of intent, sales can be prompted to the next best action (e.g., present a save-the-sale offer or take an opportunity to upsell), while giving sales managers time to prevent lost sales or customer churn.

SugarLive for Better Customer Communication

Bringing SugarLive into Sugar Sell means recognizing that omnichannel communication has gone mainstream. SugarLive enables your teams to leverage voice, message, email, or chat directly within Sell and effortlessly access customer information across all touch-points and channels at the exact moment they need it

Your sales reps can quickly access customer opportunities, purchase history, and other details without leaving the conversation. It’s very satisfying to provide the right answers and outcomes quickly and confidently, commanding greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

sentiment analysis empowers sales reps to know each customer and prospect emotional state and intent, driving emphatic engagement

Get More for Less: Sugar Sell Editions

With Sugar Sell Editions, we have significantly reduced the complexities of buying Sugar Sell, making it easier to select the sales automation platform ideally suited to your needs.

We’ve been creating and delivering no-code/low-code features for years, but now we’re focused on creating domain and skillset-specific tools to configure and evolve your CRM platform rapidly. This is an easy way to incorporate your great ideas into your practice and bring competitive business processes into Sugar.

By making customizations more accessible, your sales reps get to be more creative, save time, reduce program costs, and accelerate the delivery of evolving company strategies.

Let Sell Automate Customer Experience

One common problem of traditional CRM systems is that they only offer a fragmented view of the customer journey. Without context-rich information, it is no surprise that the customer journey becomes broken, the customer becomes frustrated, and the business has no idea what went wrong—51% of sales and marketing leaders don’t understand why customers leave.

To overcome this blockage, they need to go back to basics and understand if the customer experience is fundamentally built with the customer journey in mind.

With Sugar Automate, you can remove the busy work and roadblocks associated with following company best practices and complex business processes. Teams can execute sales plays, sales methodologies, guided selling, service processes, lead nurturing, and more in just a click.

customer experience is fundamentally built with the customer journey in mind.

Closing Thoughts

A consolidated and intuitive CRM system allows salespeople to focus on revenue generation without being preoccupied with finding information across siloed software. Investing in tactics and technologies brings you closer to your customers and unlocks steady revenue growth, often at the expense of your competition.

If you want to learn how to use Sugar as a powerful engine to guide customers and coordinate your teams through the entire customer journey, don’t hesitate to get a demo today.

James Harper
James Harper James is a results-driven B2B product marketing manager with over twelve years of experience in the IT software, hardware, SaaS, and services space. He has successfully launched new products, sales enablement programs, partner/channel incentives, and global marketing campaigns and is a passionate customer advocate.

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