Picture this… you’ve been cruising the automotive industry for half a century as the go-to supplier of foams, nonwovens, and adhesives for big players like Fiat, Ford, and BMW. You’ve grown to 600 employees and 12 facilities stretching from the US to Mexico and have developed solid expertise in die-cut and compression-molded parts for electric cars and internal combustion engine models alike. Your growth mindset hasn’t stopped, and you’ve now turned your attention towards the healthcare industry.

But you’re facing your toughest challenge to remain competitive. Despite decades of growth, your industry starts throwing you curveballs: a pandemic that sends material costs up, clogs up supply chains, and stalls car production. You rely on Excel to consolidate and analyze data, but it’s unreliable. You’re not seeing the information you need, and it quickly becomes burdensome and inefficient.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. You automate your sales process and increase focus and visibility, so you start tracking the data that will help define what you need to succeed. You get everything you lacked: the data, the history, the pipeline, the segments… in real-time, so you adapt your business strategy on the fly. You connect your ERP, IHS, and CRM, tracking everything in Sugar, from quotes to opportunities.

Now, you’re making data-driven decisions for your business. Your dollar content per vehicle increases. You boost your hit rates and grow your pipeline by 42% after implementation. You remove the guesswork and start speaking to hard facts. You build credibility. You analyze trends to understand the next best actions. You smash your sales goals, boost your hit rates, and navigate challenges with ease knowing you’ve got data to back up your decisions and claims.

With Sugar Sell, it’s like you’ve found the secret sauce to success. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work.

Industry Manufacturing
Location US, Mexico