Introducing Sugar Sell Editions: A New Experience for Sales Automation in the Cloud

Introducing Sugar Sell Editions: A New Experience for Sales Automation in the Cloud

Until recently, SugarCRM offered multiple sales force automation (SFA) solutions, including Sugar Sell, Professional, and Enterprise. Sugar also offered multiple add-on products, making it even harder for customers and prospects to figure out what they need to grow their business.

It was hard to figure out what to buy, and customers and prospects had trouble understanding what they were getting out of each product.

It’s time to make things easier: With the introduction of the new Sugar Sell editions, we are significantly simplifying our growing solution portfolio for Sales Automation in the cloud and reducing the complexity of the price list—making it easier to buy!

It’s time to make things easier with the introduction of the new Sugar Sell editions

More Benefits for Customers

This update will bring benefits to both new and our existing SugarCloud customers:

  • Get more for less: Customers will enjoy additional capabilities without buying and paying extra for several add-on products.
  • Simpler choice: We’re making it straightforward for all customers and prospects to know which edition they need from the get-go and what they are getting when they upgrade.
  • Grow as you go: As your organization grows, so can your CRM. You can easily upgrade from one Sell edition to the next if you want to benefit from more advanced capabilities.
  • Free conversion: Our existing customers using SugarCloud Professional or Enterprise editions will be converted at no cost to Sell Advanced with many additional value-add capabilities—and they will keep all functionality that they have today.

A pilot of the conversion program was completed successfully in February. Check out this blog to find out more about the free conversion starting in late April.

No Cloud? No Problem! Sugar Enterprise customers continue to enjoy no-compromise CRM with maximum control. And all Professional customers will receive Enterprise licenses.

So, no customer will be left behind. All customers will benefit from this program, and there are no changes to the commercial terms and conditions for existing contracts.

To make it even easier for you to make the choice, read on to find out what you’re getting with each new Sell edition.

Sell Premier

Sell Premier is SugarCRM’s flagship solution offering comprehensive SFA capabilities for complex business with built-in AI and enhanced support. Sell Premier gives you real-time, holistic insights into your business with fast, automated, and predictable forecasting in an intuitive interface your users can quickly access. You can also access centralized data and communicate across departments with omnichannel internal comms.

Organizations can use Sell Premier’s powerful guided selling capabilities to standardize sales methodologies and sales plays, streamline processes, reduce guesswork and onboarding time.

Sell Premier also grants you access to AI-powered resources that help employees prioritize deals more likely to close while letting the platform do the busy work of populating fields and finding contact information.

Sell Premier also grants you access to AI-powered resources that help employees prioritize deals more likely to close

If you are on the lookout for a flexible CRM platform that provides organizations with the support and capabilities that adapt as the organization grows, giving leaders improved visibility into customer or industry trends and enabling sales teams to respond to changes in their customer interests proactively, then Sell Premier should be your solution of choice.

Sell Advanced

Sell Advanced provides enhanced SFA capabilities and generous extensibility with AI capabilities, add-ons, and standard support. Its intuitive user interface makes capturing and acting on customer data faster, increasing user adoption of the platform, accelerating their response to existing and future customer needs, and improving confidence in CRM data.

You can easily customize and complement Sell Advanced with various add-ons and third-party apps. The built-in business process management capabilities reduce the time it takes your team to perform repetitive, complex tasks, allowing your sellers to focus on their customers.

Sell Advanced provides enhanced SFA capabilities and generous extensibility with AI capabilities, add-ons, and standard support.

Sell Advanced is pre-packaged with select AI capabilities, guiding your reps on which leads and opportunities to prioritize because they are more likely to convert and close. Sell Advanced empowers your leaders to get powerful insights with comprehensive reporting that provides a complete view of any business segment.

Sell Essentials

Sell Essentials offers SFA for growing sales teams of up to five members with basic support and ease of upgrade.

Sell Essentials gives you robust tools to manage your business and enables you to succeed in highly competitive industries. Sell Essentials makes it easy to scale your business and stay informed on your team’s sales efforts. When you’re ready to expand your team, Sugar provides you with an easy upgrade path to Sell Advanced where you can continue to accelerate your business growth.

Looking for More Information?

With the launch of our new Sell Editions, we are moving away from focusing on the features and functions of CRM and moving towards solutions that meet your exact business needs.

If you want to learn more about Sell Premier, Sell Advanced, and Sell Essentials, take a look at our pricing page or reach out to us.

We also highly recommend taking a look at the following resources to learn more about Sugar Sell:

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