Boost Productivity with Actionable CRM Data Enrichment

Boost Productivity with Actionable CRM Data Enrichment

Data enrichment and digital technology has changed the way we do business, forever. Organizations must become even more productive in a connected, digital world to achieve their targets. Modern CRM tools, applications, and infrastructure are getting very powerful and much easier to work with.

To take advantage of these new capabilities, any forward-looking organization must acknowledge that data is at the core of every marketing, sales, or customer service strategy. Data-driven decisions are based on facts and trends rather than speculation and gut instincts and are more likely to increase your organization’s productivity.

A primary challenge for many companies is having an incomplete view of customer data. Data fuels actionable insights that sales, marketing, and service teams need to act decisively at every critical touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Raw customer data you directly collect from different sources such as site traffic, social media, or email lists is largely useless unless you clean and structure it. After the initial collection, intelligent software can then go in and complete the process by enriching it with external data to add additional helpful information. Therefore, data enrichment means combining first-party data from your internal integrated systems with data you collect from external sources and making it more useful by adding value. Companies that conduct data enrichment make more informed business decisions than those that don’t.

Companies that conduct data enrichment make more informed business decisions than those that don’t.

Here are a few strategies to make data enrichment beneficial to your organization:

Personalize communication with customers. Enriched data increases the likelihood of creating meaningful customer relationships. Using relevant data and customers’ preferred channels, you can develop better communication strategies. They are more inclined to purchase when they feel you understand their needs and expectations.

Boost successful targeted marketing. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer an option if you want to stay relevant to your prospects. Use data enrichment to target your audience by offering value-driven information to each segment. This helps maximize the impact of your nurturing campaigns.

Eliminate redundant data. Stop storing data that is not useful for your company. Data enrichment ensures you keep an accurate contact list and increases data quality by removing duplicates. Redundant data may result in customer and revenue loss and can damage your reputation.

Improve brand loyalty. Customers expect the best when interacting with your brand. They want your company to know them and anticipate their needs. Data enrichment enables you to provide unique information and create great customer experiences. When a business has the right data and knows its customers well, it’s easy for the sales teams to generate cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Enhance Productivity

Professionals within each organization must focus on high-impact, value-adding activities to drive organizational growth. Unfortunately, 56% of them feel they are missing data to improve their marketing campaigns and sales conversions. Sell Premier is Sugar’s flagship solution that connects every stakeholder with a complete customer view offering a strong customer experience (CX). It enables you to stay proactive and access key insights about prospects and customers to support the right business decisions at the right time.

When working within a CRM tool, you’re basically either putting data in or pulling data out through reports. At Sugar, we think it’s not only about the visuals—although we know that how something looks and feels matters. We’ve focused on improvements that enhance the platform’s usability, making the information easily accessible for all its users.

Sell Premier includes runtime filters that can be applied and changed for a better dashboarding experience. We want to put you in control of your data, get the most value out of it, and make the most efficient use of your screen.

Sell Premier connects every stakeholder with a complete customer view offering a strong customer experience (CX).

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Sell Premier’s intuitive interface and data-capturing capabilities helps surface critical insights and make collecting customer conversations and interactions simple. Sell Premier enriches your customer and prospect data with relevant external insights and news and adds customers and competitors to a customizable news feed.

The News section automatically shows five recent news stories about the selected account or the lead or contact’s company. The news stories can be filtered by a category (e.g., Financial or Personnel), or you can perform a search by entering a keyword—the search will be applied to all news stories retrieved for the account or company.

With the right information, users can start driving meaningful conversations and accelerating conversions. By eliminating time-consuming research and manual data entry, your sales team can focus on actual selling activities with measurably increased productivity.

Closing Thoughts

Sell Premier provides a wide range of valuable and actionable insights on leads, contacts, and accounts, uncovering essential information at every stage of your sales, marketing, and customer service cycles. When those areas are intelligently managed, you can then focus on creating positive customer experiences, increasing conversion rates, and building relationships that produce customers for life.

Don’t hesitate to request a demo today if you want to learn how data-capturing capabilities help you better understand your customers and shorten your business processes.

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