What Makes Sell Premier the Superior CRM Solution for Any Sales Organization

What Makes Sell Premier the Superior CRM Solution for Any Sales Organization

SugarCRM recently launched the Sugar Sell Editions, a simplification of our growing solution portfolio for sales automation in the cloud. With it came the dawning of Sell Premier, the flagship CRM solution for businesses with more complex sales scenarios and/or mid-to-large or global sales organizations. While we’ve shared capabilities matrixes and guides to the editions, this top-of-the-line CRM solution deserves its own moment in the spotlight.

What Makes Sell Premier So Powerful?

I’m glad you asked. Sell Premier was purpose-built for a mature sales organization, which is why additional capabilities are built into the product at no additional cost. With it, sales users can enjoy all the benefits of a typical CRM, plus:

  • Enhanced, time-aware forecasting with powerful guidance for better decision-making
  • Powerful process management and standardization across business units and geographies
  • Data enrichment with the click of a button
  • Holistic insights into trends with your pipeline, quota, and attainment
  • Easy territory routing or making the most of your next business visit

with Sell Premier you get holistic insights into trends with your pipeline, quota, and attainment

It’s A No-Brainer for Your IT Team, Too

For a sales leader, these “powerful tools” for sales teams are a no-brainer. But it gets better, especially for your IT team, end-users, and CRM admins.

With Sell Premier, organizations benefit from top-tier support. With faster response times to your critical questions, your mission-critical system can keep operating smoothly. Additionally, 2X the managed storage and daily backups increase your CRM security and scalability.

Is Sell Premier the Right Solution for You?

Sell Premier’s straightforward pricing and all-in-one superior CRM capabilities is the perfect solution for companies that:

  • Are looking to standardize their processes across their sales organization, business units or geographies
  • Are interested in powerful guided selling, data enrichment, and other advanced capabilities to remove busy work, blind spots, and roadblocks from their users’ day-to-day
  • Are looking to improve their forecasting processes and enhance visibility to drive business growth

As explained in this recent blog, “Sell Premier responds to your company’s advanced CRM requirements, giving you real-time, holistic insights into your business with fast, automated, and predictable forecasting. You can communicate across departments with omnichannel internal communications. Its process management capabilities enable you to standardize a particular sales methodology, streamline processes, reduce guesswork, and increase data reliability within the CRM.”

Sell Premier responds to your company’s advanced CRM requirements with fast automated forecasting

Customers See the Value

In many cases, existing customers are making the upgrade to Sell Premier, like TNG Consulting, who plan to leverage Premier’s powerful guided selling and enhanced AI resources to get more out of their partnership with Sugar. “Today, we are pleased to announce we are migrating to Sugar Sell Premier, a service offering that will support greater ease-of-use and provide many innovative advanced features to streamline our sales operations,” said Max BrownGold, Vice President, Technology for TNG Consulting.

It’s More than Just a CRM

It’s a trustworthy partnership that fuels tangible growth. With Sugar, there are no hidden costs or added fees, unlike what you may experience elsewhere. In fact, prestigious third-party reports based on customer feedback show just how loved Sugar is by its users. Sugar ranked as a second-year reigning Champion in the 2022 Emotional Footprint Report by SoftwareReviews, citing that 95% of Sugar customers plan to renew. Also for the second year in a row, Sugar was named a Leader in the Nucleus Research CRM Value Matrix Report, and it was found that “Sugar customers typically experience a 45 percent reduction in time spent completing data entry, and a 15 percent increase in lead generation.”

Learn More About Sell Premier

If you’re interested in learning more about Sell Premier and understanding how your business could let the platform do the work, contact us today. If you’re a Sugar customer, we encourage you to work with your Sugar representative to understand what it would take for a nominal uplift to Sell Premier.

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