Unlock hidden sales opportunities within your Sugar and ERP data

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Most manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses have plenty of sales data. The challenge is sifting through large volumes of data to find cross-sell or up-sell opportunities, or simply make sure existing customers meet their buying commitments. We want to show you a better way to leverage your existing customer and transactional data to unlock hidden opportunities with sales-i and SugarCRM.

sales-i is a sales intelligence tool that captures product, price, quantity, frequency intelligence from your ERP, adds it to Sugar, and then provides you with specific insights on the trends between your organization and your customer. sales-i is the go-to sales analytics platform for manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses worldwide.

Join Paul Black, CEO and Co-Founder at sales-i, Beth Freeman, EVP at FSIoffice and Clint Oram, CSO and Co-Founder at SugarCRM to hear how sales-i and SugarCRM customer FSIoffice harnesses the power of sales-i and Sugar to gain unrivaled insights into their customer buying behavior.

You will also learn how, with sales-i and Sugar, you can:

  • Generate more revenue with your existing Sugar data
  • Improve adoption with an all-in-one solution for sales data analytics
  • Easily drill into, and view spend mix, product slippage and margin erosion at SKU level
  • Give salespeople more time to sell instead of analyzing sales data

Speaker Details

Paul Black

CEO and Co-Founder at sales-i

As CEO, Paul sets the company’s technical direction and spearheads business and sales partnerships. Paul is heavily involved in defining the company’s marketing strategy and technical delivery of sales-i. Before co-founding sales-i, Paul ran his own business in the UK, which used a tax system to provide computing initiatives to company employees.

Beth Freeman

EVP at FSIoffice

As EVP, Beth has had a broad impact on the company through her efforts in sales, marketing, procurement, and more. She also has been the driving force to modernize FSIoffice with the latest business technologies and strategic partnerships that help support and service their customers.

Clint Oram

CSO and Co-Founder at SugarCRM

Clint helped found SugarCRM in 2004 with the goal of enabling companies around the world to turn their customers into loyal fans. Today, he leads strategy and alliances for the company. Clint was one of the original architects and developers of the Sugar application and has focused on building out the product, company, partners and community in a variety of executive roles.

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