Guide Your Sales Reps to Perform Their Best with Interactive Sales Playbooks

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Do you struggle to get your sales team to follow your organization’s sales processes? You’re not alone, and we have a solution.

Join Volker Hildebrand, SVP, Product Marketing, and Dennis Smith, VP of Sales, SugarCRM as they show you how to guide all your sales reps to perform at their best with highly interactive sales playbooks. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use smart checklists to build high-quality and consistent playbooks
  • Bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and services processes
  • Monitor your playbooks’ progress and real-life outcomes
  • Leverage Sugar to implement visual playbooks directly within your CRM

Speaker Details

Volker Hildebrand

SVP, Product Marketing, SugarCRM

With an extensive background of 20 years in CRM and senior leadership roles in product marketing, product management and product strategy, Volker provides strategic direction and helps drive revenue growth through product marketing.

Dennis Smith

VP of Sales, SugarCRM

As Sugar’s VP of Sales, Dennis works with our clients to help them transcend how they interact with their customers and prospects so that each employee has access to appropriate company information to support their daily interactions.

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