5 Ways a Time-Aware CX Platform Can Save You Time [and Money!]

Reclaiming the Most Precious Resource: A Time-Aware CX Platform


5 Ways a Time-Aware CX Platform Can Save You Time [and Money!]“Lost time is never found again.” -Benjamin Franklin

There’s a good reason that time is an obsession with some of history’s most quotable figures.

Defining features of the advance of human civilization centers around time: how to measure it, how to manage it, and how to resist misconceptions like “having all the time in the world.”

Though nobody can stop the flow of time, what we can do is manage our time more effectively to get the most out of every day. In the ever-accelerating digital marketplace, the efficient use of time is more important than ever. Businesses strive to become more agile, quick to address opportunities, and implement innovative technologies at a faster pace than ever before. Focusing on (and trying to improve) productivity is one of the biggest predictors of a company’s success.

High productivity frees up more time to focus on optimizing the essentials of your business, implementing effective plans for leveraging your resources, and modernizing operations. By reducing the time previously wasted on non-optimized activity, it enhances your company’s profile and, ultimately, your revenue. The constructive use of time can be that crucial edge making your organization stand out from competitors. No matter your industry, that distinction is perhaps more challenging than ever before.

Fortunately, today’s businesses have a new ally in the quest to maximize their productivity: SugarCRM. A time-aware CX platform, enhanced by

1. Training Teams and Increasing User Buy-In

The innovative event-stream database at the core of Predictive Forecasting’s time-aware CX insights doesn’t require specific coding and database-building knowledge from your team. Predictive Forecasting is designed for ease of use providing out-of-the-box value but also allows for customized insights, and companies often find that 100% of their team members are able to adapt to SugarCRM. This reduces the time-to-value providing direct ROI to your organization.

2. Leveraging Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Activities that could once span days, such as the analysis of data and conversations to identify trends and priorities, can take only minutes with the rich data, built-in analytics, and KPIs provided by Predictive Forecasting.

3. Processing and Managing Orders

Time-stamped data that’s easy to migrate from one team to another eliminates redundancy and confusion. It also makes it easy to see pipeline updates on any particular order so executives can directly view its progress. This process also allows for seamless agent responses to any issues with a customer’s order or Sugar instance.

4. Converting Leads

With Predictive Forecasting, the lead-to-conversion process speeds up considerably. Sales teams can quickly and accurately access a prospect’s history to identify pain points or reservations that need to be overcome.

5 Ways a Time-Aware CX Platform Can Save You Time [and Money!]5. Identifying Strategic Goals and Priorities

The ability to swiftly assess which tactics, initiatives, campaigns, and products have or haven’t yielded dividends over time removes the guesswork and hesitation out of setting strategic objectives and prioritizing specific products or services.

In almost every category of business endeavor, Sugar’s time-aware CX platform reduces or eliminates wasted hours, freeing you to invest your teams’ energies where and when they’ll most directly drive your company’s growth. These benefits mean concrete dividends for SugarCRM users from a wide range of industries.

Discover the Full Productivity Benefits of a Time-Aware CX Platform

Predictive Forecasting’s time-aware CX features are seamlessly built into the technology. When combined with other signature SugarCRM features such as continuous cloud innovation, no-touch information management, and robust integration with over 200 business systems (including a full range of Google, Oracle, and Microsoft applications, among many others) this platform delivers truly transformative customer experiences. Time-aware makes it all happen with ease and efficiency that you may have once thought to be impossible.

It’s little wonder, then, that SugarCRM is renowned as a leading name in cutting-edge CX platforms. To find out more about which pre-packaged or custom Sugar solutions would be best for your business, contact us today to arrange a demo or visit us online.

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Jason Rushforth As GM, Americas, Jason Rushforth brings more than 20 years of product and SaaS experience to Sugar—all of it in CRM and CX. He is a respected technology industry veteran; his most recent role as VP and GM for Infor saw him implementing the vision and execution of their Customer Experience suite of solutions. Prior to Infor, Jason was VP of Industry Solutions and Enterprise Sales at Oracle, where he joined via the acquisition of Eloqua and was responsible for top-line revenue growth of the $750B Marketing Cloud. He served Eloqua as the GM of Industry Solutions and drove the go-to-market strategy for specific applications, resulting in a 1B+ sale to Oracle. Jason was also President of Front Office Solutions at CDC Software (now Aptean), and on the board of directors for Marketbright (now Act-On). Armed with years of knowledge in building out both MarTech and CRM stacks, Jason is a subject matter expert in the discipline of customer service, with thousands of speaking engagements under his belt. He is passionate about education and thought leadership, and energized to build relationships with customers, analysts, and prospects. As the newest member of the Sugar executive team, Jason sees great things in the company’s future, particularly with the Sugar Discover and Market products, which allow for other innovative capabilities to be easily implemented to create customers for life.